Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

(First photo: J.Mendel show, Fur coat: Naven, Dress: Alexis, Pants: Current Elliot, Jewelry: Click here, courtesy of Singer22, thanks for it all!)
Fashion week has officially come to an end for me. It was one of the most amazing weeks I’ve ever experienced. I attended more shows/presentations that I ever imagined and I truly believe I learned so much by being involved. I met so many great people, hung out with a ton of other bloggers, and saw some really amazing collections. Now it’s back to real life, Jane and I are shooting tonight, I am completely inspired at the moment, so there will be some fantastic looks to share.

10 Responses to “leftover”

  1. Lady-Pa says:

    i love the juwellery! especially the necklaces!


  2. Kiersten says:

    That last photo is amazing! Im loving all the cobalt blue Ive been seeing the past few days.. That tights and shoe combo is incredible.

  3. Camilla. says:

    that is some amazing jewelerry x


  4. dreana austin says:

    much love to the photographer !

  5. Dylana Suarez says:

    You look gorgeous!



  6. Lelinh says:

    The jewellery is amazing. Can't wait for the photos of your shoot. My Style Affair

  7. FLEUR DAILY says:

    I love the last outfit!



  8. Twins says:

    OOOhh… already finish?! We hope you had a great time and a lot of fun!!
    We can't wait to see the new looks you will show us!

    There is so much beautiful jewels!! Did you buy any?
    Kiss xx


  9. a.l. says:

    I absolutely adore your black-on-black-on-black look in the first pic. (Or is the fur dark brown? It looks black in the pic). Anyway, it's amazing. Plus the mix of textures.


  10. Catherine says:

    Love your fur and all of the jewelry <3

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