Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

(Top: Nookie, Shorts: Nookie, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Headband: Mike Gonzalez, Bag: Banana Republic)
I loved this outfit. It’s so fun. The fringe and all the colors really came together once I put it on. It just worked. The top is actually a leotard, it reminds me of what my mom used to wear where there would be snaps by the crotch, I always thought it was so odd, but I happen to like them now.
I laid out yesterday and I have severe sun poisoning. I’ve been so immune to the cold winter weather and my paleness which eventually was turning green, that I literally put my skin in shock. I look like a balloon and am bed ridden for the day loading on aloe vera and benadryl.

28 Responses to “bodysuit”

  1. Camilla says:

    such amazing boots.

    x Camilla

  2. Camilla says:

    such amazing boots.

    x Camilla

  3. Jes says:

    BEST shorts xx

  4. Poison Wardrobe says:

    Love every single bit of that outfit! Cute headband:)

  5. Rich Girls. says:

    fringe, print and tassled boots – probably the cutest combo ever!
    nookie make the cutest pieces. x.

  6. Chic Display says:

    love those shorts!

  7. Raspberry Jam says:

    Love your shorts!


  8. PiruletadeGato says:

    I NEED the shorts!!

  9. Catherine says:

    oh wow, your shorts! gorgeous outfit xxx

  10. Saroya Norris says:

    Best shorts EVER!!!

  11. BRUNETTE BRAID says:

    I absolutely love this outfit! :D !!!!

    especially those shorts! :D

  12. devorelebeaumonstre. says:

    this whole look is effing perfect but I'm SO into your shoes.

    & that sucks so bad about the sun poisoning. I have veryyyy fair skin & like, 10 minutes in the sun puts me at risk for it. feel better! :) x

  13. Abby says:

    gosh! these shorties are super cute, as are you!


  14. Maria Elba says:

    Lots of youth your outfit-love it!

  15. Studying with Stilettos says:

    love this whole outfit! awesome fringe shirt and adorable shorts! i'm looking for a pair like that! xo

  16. The Fancy Teacup says:

    Those shorts are total eye candy. Adore the fringe top and boots too, very bohemian chic. Hope your skin gets back to normal, hun!
    much love.

  17. Amira says:

    Wonderful outfit! Amazing shorts! Follow you)Follow me?

  18. becksko says:

    i want those shorts!!!

  19. La Petite Botte says:

    Love this outfit !

  20. Anki ? says:

    Super sweet outfit!
    I love your colorful shorts (:

  21. says:

    love the shorts!!

  22. Carolyn says:

    adorable shorts and fringe top!!

  23. caviar taste says:

    i NEED those shorts stat. You look amazing!!! Love the whole ensemble.

  24. 2 Mates and a Blog says:

    i love your blog!

    new follower :)

    please come visit us…


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