Thursday, April 14th, 2011

(Dress: H&M, Vest: Insight, Shoes: Sam Edelman)
I am so happy I can post and upload and play around with the blog. I didn’t realize how much I treasure this until I lost it for two days. I’m obsessed with denim jackets and vests for summer. Singer22 is now selling some really cute Current Elliot jean jackets, and then I saw this. A denim vest…with patches…how 80′s? I needed to have it. I love it over a solid dress. I also love the fact that it’s going to be 70 degrees today. I was looking back at my blog from last april and at this time last year it was already 75 and sunny. Needing a tan is an understatement. I’m off to White & Warren to do some styling. Keep checking twitter for updates, and I’ll keep checking my mailbox for my new hot pink callet I ordered.

12 Responses to “patch”

  1. Collections says:

    Love this denim vest I need to find a good one for myself.

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  2. .shea marie. says:

    love this babe!! cute as always

    much love from hollywood ca
    where the vintage earth angel meets the big city fashionista
    shea marie

  3. Fashion Agony says:

    Wow, that skirt screams perfection!


  4. Teresa says:

    Love the veeeeest! (L)

  5. Steevy says:

    just found your blog via theyallhateus. i love it and i love your makeup post from awhile back.

    new follower for sure!


  6. patrycja2407 says:

    shoes <3

  7. Catherine says:

    love your vest and shoes darling <3

  8. Anonymous says:

    kind of sad how this blog turned into a SINGER 22 promotional tool. It was much more original and unique before you started to work for them.


    Boots are outta this world with that vest!!!



  10. Jes says:

    Such an amazing blog. Love your style lady xx

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