Monday, May 2nd, 2011

(Pants: WorkCustom, Top: Charley 5.0, Shoes: Steve Madden, Jewelry: F21)
One of my favorite outfits. I’ve truly fallen in love with Charley 5.0, it’s odd because every piece they make is all in the same fabric same color, and I have three different variations and never get sick of them. It’s the softest material and hangs perfectly. These faux leather pants from Singer22 were a must have for me, they are literally butter texture. You can’t get enough of it- you would never believe that it wasn’t real leather. I don’t know what to do about these Steve Madden pumps, I am so in love with them but they are honestly difficult to walk in and I can walk in ANY heel. I had my wisdom teeth taken out this weekend and literally have been in pajamas for the last three days, so I’m super excited to be at work today and getting ready to try on all new pieces and new litas. I need to buy the denim ones. Thoughts?
Happy monday!x

13 Responses to “glare”

  1. Gorete Sousa says:



  2. stilettolover91 says:

    You look amazing! Great outfit & heels!!

  3. Inside my head and wardrobe says:

    love those shoes there gorgeous !

  4. Raspberry Jam says:

    Love your heeels!


  5. Jessie says:

    great top! i love it.

  6. kaye says:

    That top is the perfect amount of cheekiness! The colour is great and it looks awesome with that necklace. Nice!!

  7. I'm Just Me says:

    love the outfit!! chic!! :))

  8. My Style Affair says:

    Loving the outfit!

    My Style Affair

  9. lafashionelle says:

    love your tee….want it! you look amazing btw!

  10. On the Sly NYC says:

    The top drapes beautifully, I've been looking for ideas on how to wear a style like this. Thanks!

  11. Mariamma C. says:

    This is super beautiful. Definitely caught my eye!

  12. Sian says:

    I love the pictures you take on the streets of New York, they always look so cool!

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