riding hood

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

(Cape: Kymerah, Shoes: Chanel)
When I was presented with this cape I really had no words. It was the perfect piece, I loved that it was cropped and had the leather detailing; also loved that it had a hood. I stole these flats from my older sister – they are her new favorites, so I must give her credit and announce that they are hers. However, we share an apartment and essentially share two walk in closets so what’s mine is hers and what’s her is mine
— or so I think.

9 Responses to “riding hood”

  1. Leire says:

    I love the cape!!

  2. carina says:

    omg i love the shoes!!!!



  3. Lady-Pa says:

    your cape looks great!!


  4. Catherine says:

    love this cape! xx

  5. Courtney says:

    Hey! Where is your couch from? Could you do a post on your apartment? <3

  6. Sian says:

    There is something almost florance nightingale about it… A mod version of course, I love it!


  7. kaye says:

    That cape is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! Love this look :)


  8. I love your style so much! Yeah you should try switching to blogger. ;D



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