Monday, August 22nd, 2011

(Top: Vintage, Jeans: Genetic Denim, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: F21)
I stole this top from my mother’s pajama drawer. Is that odd? It was a vintage negligee that I thought was so stunning. The satin, the intricate lace detailing, and the canary yellow are just a few amazing aspects to this piece. I love the thin spaghetti straps, the kind that fall down but the shirt stays up – very sexy. I bought these jeans a few years back and even though they are getting smaller and tighter by the day, I refuse to give them up. I will make them fit each time. Happy monday! xx

16 Responses to “canary”

  1. Andrea says:

    It looks great, the silky sheen is lovely, it's v. 90's.

  2. mo says:

    Love the top and its color!!
    You look stunning.

  3. Leire says:

    amazing look!

  4. monkeyshines ? says:

    gorgeous heels!


  5. ASH says:

    love your boots! you look amazing, such a great figure!

  6. The Fancy Teacup says:

    Such a cute top to borrow from your mother's bureau :) And those boots are incredible, very western chic!

    ?, Jamie

  7. Kiwi's Fashion Blog says:

    Love the bright yellow top!!

  8. Collections says:

    Love the photos next to this hippo.

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  9. DediLovesFashion says:

    love this outfit. =)

  10. Mónica C. Welton says:

    great combo!!


  11. yamina beyondURclothes says:

    like this outfit super simple

    ? yamina

  12. CoolBites says:

    Gorgeous yellow top! love it!

  13. Nicollette says:

    You looks georgeous as always!
    Perfect photos.
    Have a nice day…

  14. Kate Lasater says:

    I wouldn't have known that the jeans don't fit. They look great. I think the to from your mom steals the show though. I love being able to work in things that have a history all their own!

  15. DNA (designers+artists) says:

    I love that top, canary yellow is my favorite and so hard to find.

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