half and half

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

(Shoes: LF sale, Jeans: Textile Elizabeth and James, Tank top: American Apparel, Sweater: Zara, Bag: JJ Winters, Belt: Vintage, Necklace: DanniJo & Send the Trend, Sunglasses: RayBan)
This belt has been a challenge for years. Between my sisters and I trying to steal it from my fathers closet and then from each other, I’m trying to get as much use of it as I can right now until it’s shadily stolen from me. I paired it with my favorite bell bottoms by Elizabeth and James which my boyfriend hates (he says bell bottoms scare him because you can’t see your feet). I try to wear them when he’s not around. I went to American Apparel a few weekends ago to stock up on my tank tops that I tend to throw under sweaters. This Zara fur/sweater was a last year design that’s super cozy and warm. I love that it’s half sweater half fur, can be worn with so many different things. I’m off to Lord&Taylor for a meet and greet for the Lauren Charity Event for Breast Cancer Awareness this thursday. Try to come if you are in NYC! 6-8 at Lord&Taylor. xx

16 Responses to “half and half”

  1. Andrea says:

    Love those boots and your jeans, they fit so well!

  2. Kiwi's Fashion Blog says:

    Love those booties! You have a great figure!!

  3. Collections says:

    I love those jeans.

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  4. eleni says:

    love those jeans! x


  5. Parisian ShoeGals says:

    These jeans are fabulous! Men sometimes don't understand fashion. What a pity!

    I love the story around your belt. Very sweet!


  6. madzia says:

    nice fur;)

  7. Twins says:

    You have an amazing style with this jeans!! It is perfect this cut for you xx


  8. Joy McC says:

    Amazing boots and I just adore the bag – its gorge!



  9. The Fancy Teacup says:

    The fur waistcoat and lace up boots with the belt are fabulous!


  10. DrawyourSwords says:

    oh god you're perfeeeect!!!! great look everytime!

  11. ChelsBops says:

    I'm a huge fan of bell bottoms. My favorites are Rock & Republic's!



  12. la tiquismiquis says:

    this is such a great look for fall! i love it!

    la tiquismiquis

  13. Raspberry & Rouge says:

    Great pants! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


  14. Raspberry & Rouge says:

    Great pants! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


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