Thursday, October 13th, 2011

(Sweater: Zara)
Whenever I am not having the best day, I immediately head over to a puppy store. I want to get a dog so badly and I swear this english bulldog was almost coming home with me. It’s when I start to realize the responsibility that goes along with having a dog in the city that I stop myself. Honestly though, how could you resist him? My friend Jess and I were tourists yesterday, walking through Madison Square Park and getting the most amazing burgers at Shake Shack and photographing every step of the way. It was just one of those days that needed cheering up and New York City never fails me in that department.

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  1. Violet says:

    haha yeah i want a cute little puppy around my house but it is too much for me to take care of right now. everyone in my buidling has one and i dont know how they do it.

    thats a great way to cheer yourself up. i may have to try that sometime

    Vi from Cali

  2. madzia says:

    beautiful dog:)

  3. Julie Khuu says:

    He's sooooooo cute! That's why you should never even venture into the pet store…so hard to turn them away!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. The Fancy Teacup says:

    That English Bulldog stole my heart. x

  5. Kiwi's Fashion Blog says:

    Kudos to you being responsible! I'm sure one day you will be ready for a puppy!!

  6. kathy says:

    that dog is adorable!
    i'm loving your sweater – it's gorgeous

  7. Anonymous says:

    That dog is super adorable! Seeing my dogs at home always cheers me up :-)

    If you want a pet you should really think about adopting instead, though. My friend's sister runs this website about fostering if you want to try out the responsibility (while still really helping a dog in need!) before you fully commit!

  8. Bethany Jensen says:

    Aww he's so sweet, seriously though, where would he pee? I'm annoyed by my dog in the mornings and all I have to do is let her out the door.

  9. monkeyshines ? says:

    adore the burgundy chunky sweater!


  10. Site Editor: Sarah O. says:

    I'd like to commend you for not buying that adorable puppy. Many people don't know that those puppies are actually ALL from puppy mills, in more rural areas, where dogs are literally bred like chickens, living in small cages with no love and little healthcare. I don't want to be a "debbie downer" but it's just to bring the issue to light a little more. Did you know that TONS of puppies and great adult dogs are available to FOSTER, so u can enjoy having a dog but don't have to make a forever commitment?

  11. Myrna says:

    That pup was so precious. But I agree it's a BIG responsability. Maybe a cat, swear easiest things to care for.
    Anyhoot, love the sweater and sorry you were having a bad day.


  12. Pineupple Princess says:

    I adopted a dog 4 years ago and it's the biggest love I've got (also my boyfriend ;D) maybe the next time you'll decide ;)

    Lovely sweater and your friend has got style too ;)

  13. Ally says:

    I love the sweater, and am totally in awe thanks to the color – I want one, too!!

  14. Laura says:

    Ooooh! So cute!

    Love your outfit too :)


  15. Pat says:

    Please do not ever buy a dog from a pet store. Contrary to what pet store employees tell you, ALL puppies in pet stores are from PUPPY MILLS. That is fact. If you purchase from a pet store, you're only perpetuating the vicious cycle of dogs', especially female dogs', suffering. If you're unaware of what puppy mills are, please look up puppy mill videos on YouTube. I promise you, if you have a heart, you'll never see pet stores in the same light. They are DISGUSTING.

    On a lighter note, I love the sweater you wore to the pet store. The color is perfect for fall.

  16. FASHION CHALET says:

    OMG if Alex sees him he will steal him away. :)

    I LOVE YOUR knit.

    P.S. Rescue your puppy. We did with ours, from the Humane Society and she's a pure breed! <3


  17. karmucaycuquino says:

    nada como New York para abrir la mente.

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  18. Raspberry & Rouge says:

    You look amazing in that knit!!! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  19. Raspberry & Rouge says:

    You look amazing in that knit!!! Happy weekend! XO Rebecca

  20. drops of neon says:

    I love your sweater, great outfit!

    Beautiful dog!!

  21. Margo says:

    aah that dog is soooo cute! x

  22. Site Editor: Sarah O. says:

    Anyone want a dog in/near NYC – you can foster or adopt!!!

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