Monday, December 12th, 2011

(Sweater: Madewell, Jeans: Current Elliot, Shoes: Steve Madden)
We shot these photos for the love of Somethingnavy. It was FREEZING today, literally bitter. We managed to run up to the rooftop to snap some outfit shots while the light was perfect. It really is the most amazing view of Manhattan up there. It’s almost surreal.
I bought this sweater at Madewell a few weeks ago, it’s my new go to place for sweaters and flannels. They have the best stuff and at such an affordable price. I paired it with my Current Elliot Jeans my friend Jane got me from Gilt Group, added a little cuff at the bottom, and my nude Steve Madden mary-janes. I forgot which celebrity I saw wearing an outfit so similar, but I was completely inspired. The cold weather has made simplicity in fashion a lot more desirable to me. Staying warm and avoiding the numbness in body parts while walking to work or anywhere else, has been my number one priority.

15 Responses to “charlie”

  1. Katie's Bliss says:

    Love those heels! Such a simple and cute outfit :)

  2. The Fancy Teacup says:

    The Madewell sweater is absolutely darling. x

  3. stilettolover91 says:


  4. umi says:

    love this outfit!!
    view is wonderful,too.

  5. Twins says:

    Hi you,

    If one day you don't know what to do and what to write in blog, make us a list of all your best place in NY!
    Im sure it will interest a lot of us!!

    Kisses bella xx

  6. pia says:

    love madewell and you are right, that view is pretty amazing

  7. madzia says:

    very nice shoes :)

  8. .M. says:

    You look amazing also with very simple outfit!

  9. THE DIVINITUS says:

    i really like your hair – what do you use to curl it??

  10. THE DIVINITUS says:

    i really like your hair – what do you use to curl it??

  11. isaobeso says:

    pretty and fresh on a pretty new york day! love it!

    visit my blog PEOPLE WEAR FASHION

  12. Jony says:

    Love the sweater and heels!

    xo Jony

  13. Kiwi's Fashion Blog says:

    So cute! The jeans and the heels are just perfect!

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