Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

(Coat: Zara, Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Leggings: Necessary Clothing, Boots: Juicy Couture, Clutch: Coach)
I love digging through all of my old stuff and finding pieces I received during collaborations and projects. I got this clutch last year around this time when I did the Coach Holiday Campaign. The boots are from the project I did with Juicy Couture, and the top is when I did a project with Ralph Lauren. It’s really cool working with three very different brands and being able to combine pieces from each designer.
Just got back from Topshop, found the greatest bikinis on sale for my trip to Panama.
I even bumped into some fans of Somethingnavy and took a picture together.
Here is the picture they tweeted:

LOVED meeting you guys!! xx

11 Responses to “combination”

  1. Kathrina says:

    Beautiful outfit!

  2. thecriminallyexpensive says:

    I really love this look. It has a winter feel for sure. I adore that coat!


  3. pia says:

    LOVE IT !!!

  4. cleo says:

    love the fur so much…:)

  5. A TRENDY LIFE says:

    i've just discover your blog and I love it!

    Kisses from Spain.

  6. thefavemoments says:

    I love your white coat!!! Amazing!! Love, Jana.

  7. madzia says:

    you have nice shoes:)

  8. Olga says:

    Beautiful outfit! LOVE that coat – so stylish :)

    xoxo Olga

  9. Prairie Princess says:

    love the outfits~ great blog


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