Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

(Dress: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Boots: LF, Sunnies: RayBan)
I had the best time yesterday shooting for Sperry Topsiders and Glamour Magazine. Not only did I get to work with my best blogger friend Christina from Trop Rouge, but we spent the whole day in Brooklyn in this awesome house filming as awesome video. We played around, went to the bakery, had an amazing lunch, played with all the shoes, and UNBELIEVABLE clothes. I say that in caps because I got to wear two dreamy Lanvin and Celine dresses. All in all, great day.
I leave this week for Panama, so my mind is very focused on summer/spring wear. I had to show of this tank/dress that I bought at H&M last week. Even though it was mind numbingly cold outside, I had to throw in one piece I’ll be wearing on vacation. Actually two, if we include my new Ray Ban aviators. I just loved this teal color of the shirt paired with my curly haired beige coat. I’ll take pictures of it in the correct environment when I’m away – I just needed to give a sneak peek.

19 Responses to “dreamy”

  1. madzia says:

    very nice and interesting coat :)

    greet :)

  2. pia says:

    that blue is a beautiful color.
    Lanvin dresses are DREAMY, lucky you!



  3. monkeyshines ? says:

    lovely dress!


  4. Carolina says:

    Great outfit. . . I just wonder how come u didnt get completely freezing??!!!
    I love it, really and i would love to be able to wear it exactly how u do, impossible though!
    Have fun in Panama, lucky u!!!


  5. xxM says:

    I loooove H&M and love this coat! Did you get it recently? And the boots are also amazing… remind me of the rag&bone newbury boot! Perfect boots!


  6. Anonymous says:

    dude put your nipples away.

  7. Joana Sá says:

    Love this coat!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  8. Tere says:

    incredible your look, i really love it, especially the coat!
    nice to meet your blog :P


  9. Y. Garza says:

    Love the color of that dress.


  10. FASHION CHALET says:

    Is that coat new? :)

    x X

  11. .M. says:

    Love the coat! Perfect with the blue dress!


  12. adanieva says:

    I like it!! Gorgeous jacket!

  13. LRB says:

    Love the t-shirt dress, great pop of color.


  14. EVA. says:

    love ur coat girl!

  15. Sara says:

    that jacket is from h&m?! so cute!! have fun on vaca, super jealous!


  16. ? lis ? says:

    absolutely love this coat!

  17. jenna says:

    Loving those booties. Where can I find them..live in S.F. And you make everything look amazing!

  18. jenna says:

    Loving those booties. Where can I find them..live in S.F. And you make everything look amazing!

  19. Aimee says:

    Wow, amazing coat! And I so wish we could all wear summer clothes right about now. Have fun in Panama!

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