Saturday, December 24th, 2011

(Dress: Lanvin, Shoes: Sperry)
This past monday, Christina and I shot for the Sperry Campaign with Glamour Magazine. We had the best time. The shoot took place in this cool little townhouse in Brooklyn where we shot some great scenes with the best selection of clothing and shoes. This Lanvin dress being one of them, I really wanted to take it home. I can’t wait until we can show you the actual video and all the amazing looks.
Happy holidays and new year to you all! Can’t wait to post pictures from Panama when I’m back, in the meantime check twitter for pics and updates!

12 Responses to “Sperry/Glamour”

  1. pia says:

    looks great !


  2. Y. Garza says:

    I personally cannot seem to get into these and yet I see them here and they look great on you guys. Maybe its my hobbit feet…;)


  3. cleo says:

    love the pics…looks so much fun:)

  4. madzia says:

    great rooms :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    you look great!

  6. Romina C. says:

    Love it! Looks like you're having fun

    x Romi


  7. Olga says:

    I love these photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

    xoxo Olga

  8. Esther says:

    I can't believe some bloggers who get hundreds of comments when I stumble on girls like yourself who have a true point of view, which is wonderfully fun to browse through. Keep sharing!!

  9. NATASHKA says:

    I love your denim & white blazer look – super!
    Where did you get your denim shirt? I have trouble finding one :/ Thanks.


  10. sugarhoneybaby says:

    Both looks great!;)

  11. Fifth N Sixth Closet says:

    you both look great…nice pictures & dress! Happy new year!

  12. Clarisse says:

    Both of you look really beautiful. And this dress is amazing !


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