hand me down

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

(Top: Isabel Marant, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Givenchy, Bag: Chanel)
This top was probably my most favorite purchase of 2011. Although I have yet to wear it out, I love picking out my outfit in the morning and grazing my fingers over this sparkly number. It’s just so cool in every way. Isn’t it funny how you can pair a fantastic Isabel Marant top with 25 dollar H&M trousers? If you had to guess, these pants certainly were not from H&M. I love the white stripe side with the pockets and they work perfectly with these Givenchy open booties. The bag is of course a classic from mom, I’m so lucky she’s so stylish, this is for sure not your every day hand me downs.
What would your favorite purchase of 2011 be?

16 Responses to “hand me down”

  1. monkeyshines ? says:

    fabulous trousers!


  2. Rae says:

    You look awesome, those pants are killer! Love the sweater too!


  3. NYorker@heart says:

    Love the pants and great top!


    check my post out! Thanks so much!

  4. Tanja says:

    Amazing pants and shoes!!!!

  5. Kathrina says:

    Really great combo! Love the IM lurex top!

  6. MonochromeMagpie says:

    Fab outfit! Love the Givenchy booties!

  7. Ausra says:

    these pants are my favourite trend from the new season I guess, but I know I will hate it immediately when everyone starts wearing them. So enjoy while you can :)


  8. Ballerina'sBun says:

    Love your pants ! You look gorgeous ! Xx nadine http://www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

  9. madzia says:

    interesting pants :)

  10. Victoria Kraft says:

    You looks great, like always! Have a nice day :-) xx V


  11. Alela Sirah says:

    Love the Top! I hate to feel like I have wasted an outfit so I totally understand the wanting to wait for the right moment to wear a new item.

  12. Ivanna says:

    love your pants, cute outfit :)


  13. My Best Dress says:

    The mix of the top with that pants is great! Nice outfit!


  14. AldaCa says:

    Your pants are gorgeus and so is your sweater!! :) Beautiful look!!



  15. Zuzankita?K. says:

    love that pants :)

    Kisses from Slovakia:


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