Sunday, January 29th, 2012

(Shirt: Lanvin, Pants: Vintage, Necklace: Alexa Leigh, Shoes: Olivier Theysken’s, Bag: Vintage)
I love this outfit for a few reasons, first being the fabulous Lanvin blouse. I love the way it hangs, it is so many kinds of sexy I can not get over it. The juxtaposition between the cuffed sleeves and the deep V is something so unique. It’s the perfect combination of cool and sexy. The second reason why I love this outfit is for my Alexa Leigh jewelry. Her necklaces are a breath of fresh air in the jewelry industry. I honestly don’t know many designers that can create this delicate feminine look with the perfect charms and the perfect chain. Show your guy the website for the perfect Valentine’s day gift here! – I know I did!

9 Responses to “lex”

  1. Marie Martell says:

    Nice look, very sexy! I love the grey.


  2.  Ms. Allee says:

    Love the blouse doll!*
    SO unique!*


  3. Laura says:

    Love the top and the shoes :)



  4. Collections says:

    Love this outfit. What a great shirt.


  5. thefavemoments says:

    Great outfit and I love your hat. Hugs, Jana.

  6. Nic says:

    Great shoes!!

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