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Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

(Skirt: Juicy Couture, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: Unknown, Shoes: Massime, Bag: Gilt Group)
I am very into sequined things this season. Anything shiny and out there, I need to have it. I got this skirt from Juicy in November, I have worn it on so many occasions. It’s the perfect sequin piece to dress down with a worn in t-shirt and a leather jacket. Especially because it has pockets!
I am the number one advocate for pockets, they make everything so much cooler. This is the mint t-shirt I was telling you about from my other post. I even just got my nails done in this mint color. What is going on with me this month, I do not know. How do you guys feel so far about the shooting uptown?

24 Responses to “candy apple mint”

  1. Jin says:

    I love your outfit…especially your purse and jacket!!!

    Happy Thursday!


  2. madzia says:

    great skirt :)

  3. monkeyshines ? says:

    stunning sequin!


  4. stilettolover91 says:

    So cute!!! I love it!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new booties on my blog yesterday, go check them out!! <3

  5. Amuna says:

    really like your shirt!
    I've got a nail polish by essie called apple mint candy.. :)
    ? Amuna

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your blog is my favorite out of all the blogs I look at (I look at a lot of them) I love that you wear affordable clothes and make them look so expensive :) don't change your look ever!!!

  7. Arielle Noa says:

    thank you so much all! xx

  8. The Fancy Teacup says:

    The sequins is so much fun!

  9. Collections says:

    Great shoes.


  10. diana kang says:

    super cute!! xx

  11. Frannie Pantz says:

    Favorite. Outfit. Ever. Love that jacket!

  12. Eve says:

    I like it ;)

  13. Twins says:

    Lovely look! I love sequins for day time!! You wear it perfectly!!

    Love from Monaco xx

  14. ASH says:

    I really love that skirt.

  15. Hillary says:

    WOW Love the glittery glam skirt!

    I love Mint! It's totally on my "hot list"


    Hillary @

  16. Phu et Marie says:

    wow, that skirt looks great.
    but if I see you, I just freeze..ah so could here…

  17.  Ms. Allee says:

    Love the skirt!*
    So cute!*



    Sometimes I find beautiful things like your blog!!

    I´ll come back for sure!!



    Sometimes I find beautiful things like your blog!!

    I´ll come back for sure!!


  20. Annabelle says:

    I'm obsessed with your skirt! lovelovelove. and shooting uptown makes me wanna move to NY next year! (Ive been having doubts, money-wise)

  21. Ballerina'sBun says:

    Amazing look ! Love your shorts ! Xx nadine

  22. Romina C. says:

    I really love this look. The shorts, love.

    x Romi

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