Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

(Shirt: H&M, Necklace: AlexaLeigh, Pants: Goldsign, Shoes: ACNE, Bag: Urban Outfitters)
Photos by Jane Kim
I’ve been pairing these colors together a lot recently. Different shades of blues, teals, turquoise. I think it’s because I’ve been so inspired ever since I got these ACNE platforms. It’s amazing how an outfit like this could also be one of the comfiest that I’d actually lounge around in. It’s for sure a transitional look.
Also, my Alexa Leigh necklace is glued on to me, no joke. Worn with pajamas, black tie events, or a night out, I really have no good reason to take it off. If ever want to change it up all I have to do is turn it around to the other side and I have a completely different charm on the back.
Is anyone impressed by the fishtail Jane created out of my hair? Also is anyone else infatuated with the book 50 shades of grey? I almost missed my subway stop while intensely reading chapter 9 yesterday..

12 Responses to “ocean”

  1. Fashion Reactor says:

    Love the colours!!

  2. The Purse Snatcher says:

    The colors are just fantastic together!


  3. monkeyshines ? says:

    fantastic color combo!


  4. alexsandra g. says:

    Oh stunning colors, love how you mixed different shades of blue together.


  5. FASHIONFED says:

    Your shoes are great! and I love how the floral clutch brings everything together


  6. Phu et Marie says:

    Looks like pure sommer ! I love the different shades of the blue !

    Marie from http://www.phuetmarie.blogspot.de/

  7. AJ TAYLOR says:

    loving the mix and the clutch is lovely. beautiful look


  8. Alela Sirah says:

    Beautiful color combo and those pants are Gorge!!!!

  9. Tina.. says:

    You look stunning! Love it!

  10. Karolina says:

    these pants are amazing !

  11. JADE EMILY says:

    nice colours!

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  12. ellen. says:

    very impressed by the fishtail braid :) You look great! Love the color~


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