Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Tee: ACNE. Jeans: JBrand. Shoes: Olcay Gulsen. Bag: Theory. Photos: Jane Kim.

Meet my highest pair of heels I’ve ever owned in my entire life. 8 inches and going strong. I almost sprained my ankle a handful of times but I think I’m slowly learning my Gaga ways. The only way I can picture these shoes in an outfit is with a casual jean -skinny or loose fitting- and a casual t-shirt. These shoes make a strong enough statement on their own. I paired my favorite JBrand jeans with my worn in black ACNE t-shirt that I’ve worn so many times it’s borderline offensive.

Also, wanted to let you all know that some a select few Somethingnavy pieces -beginners- are being sold on Friday to Sunday this weekend! I can’t wait to show my actual collection on my website where you will soon be able to shop every look! In the mean time have a little fun with these pieces on

6 Responses to “gaga”

  1. Luna says:

    Congrats on your line! Can’t wait to see the pieces! Loving the bag and loving the fact that you’re brave enough to wear those 8 inchers!


  2. those shoes are insane!

    xoxo, Caitlin Schmidt
    fashion blog

  3. Ellen says:

    damn…those are some shoes. sexy. Cute outfit!

  4. Eva says:

    Wow those really are killer shoes! But amaziiing ones, looking great with those jeans!


  5. Rachel Eisen says:

    those shoes are absolutely amazing!!!

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