Friday, February 7th, 2014

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I mean, it’s too much fun walking into the tents because you literally get full attention and recognition on the hard work you put towards an outfit. This one was pretty easy since it styled it self but the colors we’re such an attention grabber today I didn’t know how to handle myself. I’m super awkward which most of you definitely do not know, I never know where to look and if I’m posing the proper way. Thank god my photographer was there to guide me through the madness and also capture some of these great photos at the same time. You probably all think I was freezing but the adrenaline is so high in the moment you don’t feel the temperature at all.

 photo gMyZSWlci4RpR537a88D0CpNn9YTbA69MsiVjI5-PQ0bf5V43Ae9PZbMnPfycjlManZcfjJ0gIjl7ubD3MVBbI7cu9mNcy145WwZlE7fU7xpW0eRxAPqPMjqDdtg_zps7e258188.jpg

 photo IuYWxbSr-2Tz5FajHVp9ooQSwy1A1_WqEh5eIXlmb1M-D7ANva69b_WfMTT5Ea7Ln666vl2vqcZB_HzzIA6mXkzYRFPlIO2_OrCJqDhM45Abm4zaE8q2PwUYRnT9_zps30606515.jpg

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 photo _DGilhYUUBO6aLSrMXXs5NegO7VaXNdNAUgpdBnWReEEqjH3UGzewnMt8v3e1iG8RpIz7zeZBO2EWEwxqbTe7cwNliZ-h2L24FvdSIwafXdVBSU28eFboO2pD4Sx_zps05778323.jpg

 photo 2u-_mBU-F25_aousCCru8fuKSGkkc5RxGfuogEa70I8aYRiqSr6_DbBuwEomRVCFKUw3fGA32KXEa3BCRmpy_Ujvm68NyugviqERTzHxBscsH7hc-Zux9RseXnRe_zps5561d7bc.jpg

I’m wearing full Misha Nonoo with Proenza snakeskin pumps (old) and a pair of Italia Independent felt sunnies. It’s funny because I genuinely do love dressing up and I get so excited when I get to borrow looks from designers but while sitting at the show instead of people watching I’m dreaming about throwing on my fiances sweater, a pair of sweatpants and manly socks curled up on the couch. Maybe that’s just me and if that’s the case I’m pretty embarrassed for just admitting it. Off to more Fashion Week festivities, follow along on Instagram @somethingnavy


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  1. estelle says:

    This is an AMAZING look, absolutely love it!




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