5 Tips for a Successful First Date

The pressure is ON during those first few dates with someone new.
Both parties are (hopefully) on their best behavior, but nerves can still psyche us out. Since we’ve all been there before, we wanted to make a fool-proof guide to getting through the early-in-the-game dates with dignity and grace! Check out our favorite dating tips here:


If you’re choosing the spot, make sure it’s somewhere you can actually talk. That’s the whole point of a date, right? Avoid loud restaurants and bars where you’re stuck nodding along with no clue what the other person is saying.


When it comes to the outfit, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Jeans, a cute top and a leather jacket is always a reliable, safe option. Pair this outfit with your go-to booties or a pump and you’re set. You don’t need to get super done up, either. Go with natural makeup and wear your hair like you always do! The last thing you want is to look like you’re trying too hard.


Have fun and try to stay in the moment. Don’t worry about sounding “cool” or bringing up topics you think make you sound a certain way, just be yourself. Talk about things you care about and promote conversation flow as you normally would. Make the jokes you’d always make, laugh and have fun!


If the person on the other side of the table pushes you too far, in conversation or otherwise, consider this the ultimate red flag and move on FAST. A good match is respectful and will never make you feel uncomfortable.


We get it. Dating is nerve-racking. But drinking too much right out of the gate can only lead to trouble. Stick to a glass or two and enjoy yourself without overdoing it!

If you’re still freaking out, trust us that your date is probably just as nervous as you are. Be yourself and have fun… It can’t hurt to put yourself out there!