How Do You Take Your Coffee? Team SN Spills Their Faves

Team SN has our coffee recipes down to a science. 

Everyone has a very specific coffee preference and order. From the type of milk and number of sugars to the roast of coffee used and if you prefer it hot or cold, there's no such thing as being too picky or specific when making coffee. We asked three members of Team SN to share their go-to recipes for their morning coffee–read on for their ideas! 

Natalie's Oat Milk Iced Coffee


  • Start by making a *double* shot of espresso 

  • Add a lot of ice into a tall glass

  • Add the espresso shot and equal parts oat milk into the glass (I use Oatly)

  • I like to add a *splash* of Silk Almond Milk Creamer in Vanilla on top for added sweetness (emphasis on the splash because the creamer is strong)!

Alex's French Press Coffee With Cinnamon


  • Start by heating water in an electric kettle to 196 degrees F

  • Grind coffee beans (1 oz to 16 fl oz water) and pour into a French Press

  • Pour heated water over the grounds in a circular motion, making sure they’re fully saturated

  • Press the plunger down in a steady motion and set your timer for 15 mins

  • While the coffee steeps, heat a half cup of oat milk on the stove, bringing to a gentle boil

  • Once you start to see bubbles form on the surface, pour into a cup (my favorite is from a special little cafe in Paris called Ob-La-Di) and use a handheld frother to create a foam

  • When 15 mins passes and the coffee is done, pour half a cup into your mug followed by the foamed milk

  • Top with a little cinnamon!

Taylor's Cinnamon Iced Coffee


Cover Image Via Natanja Grun/Unsplash