Master the Art of Date Night at Home

We’ve spent the last 11 months mastering how to plan a special date night at home.

And now we’re sharing our tried-and-true tips with you. A Netflix date night is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But what about a Netflix night where you don’t spend 30 minutes debating what to watch? We know–it sounds almost too good to be true.

Put your streaming queue in the hands of a magical algorithm with Netflix Roulette, which will randomly tell you what to watch based on a few initial questions. You can sort by genres and ratings to make sure your pick is something worth watching, but otherwise, the choice is all up to fate. It's small but oddly exhilarating to see what the universe wants you to stream!

Image by Nicolaevna Arnautova via Unsplash

Drink Wine With the Experts

Vino lovers, take note: virtual wine tastings are having a major moment. Now you can learn to taste wine like the sommelier at your favorite restaurant... but from the comfort of your own home! has a range of live events to choose from, including not only region-specific tastings (a tour of Italy, anyone?!) but also entire menus dedicated to Champagne (we know, we know... also a region!) Their site makes it easy to buy the wine in advance, so you are ready to taste during the event. If you’re looking for a virtual tasting and a top-notch wine club membership, check out Matthiasson Winery, a Napa-based winery that offers a free virtual tasting to all wine club members. 

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Take a Pizza-Making Class

Any date night that involves pizza is a dream come true. A virtual at-home pizza-making class will not only mix up your dinner routine, but you and your partner will also learn the specifics of how to make your very own pie.

Beloved NYC-based pizza spot Emmy Squared hosts live virtual pizza-making classes through Goldbelly multiple times per month. When you sign up for the class, you'll also receive a kit containing all of the ingredients needed to make your pizza–and it's conveniently shipped to your front door. A fun date night has never been so easy to plan!

Image by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Game Night, Party of Two Edition

You don’t need more than two people to host an epic game night–you just need the right games! This is the perfect moment to try a two-player card game, like gin rummy or war. 

Shop card games made specifically for couples ahead of your date night to make the evening more special. Try Codenames Duet, a two-person version of the beloved guessing game, The Ultimate Game for Couples, where you can see how well you really know our partner, or Let's F*cking Date, a card game filled with shall we say...intimate...questions for you and your partner to answer.   

Make a TikTok Famous Dinner

Recreating a TikTok famous meal feels like the ultimate challenge, but it's a genius at-home date. It will set your menu for the evening and give you a fun activity to tackle together.

Choose your dish wisely. We recommend a viral pasta recipe, like the spicy vodka sauce pasta or the baked feta pasta. Create a TikTok while you cook for bonus points, and always be prepared to photograph your meal once it's ready!

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