The Bachelor Recap: Welcome to Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony of All Time

So much drama in one little episode of The Bachelor.

We met all the ladies vying for Matt’s heart last week, and now we've got dates on dates on dates. Prepare to relive two utterly adorable one-on-one dates and the biggest group date in history, plus a drama-filled cocktail party and a dramatic rose ceremony ending with a major cliffhanger. 

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Up first is Matt’s one-on-one date with Bri. They drove ATVs all around the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. While sparks start flying between these two, drama was brewing back at the house. The rest of the ladies are both happy for Bri and jealous of the date, a combo Victoria was just not down for. "We’re all here to date Matt, we’re not here in be in a sorority," Victoria said. Accurate? Yes. A motto to make friends? No.

During all this drama, Bri is having a fabulous time with Matt. She even enjoyed falling (in a cute way) into a giant pile of mud. Obviously, a strategically placed hot tub was waiting for them–we can go ahead and thank the Bachelor gods for forcing Matt to take his shirt off within the first 15 minutes of the episode.

During the rest of the date, Bri and Matt share their first kiss, and Matt gave Bri the rose. I’m sorry, but when Matt and Bri watched the fireworks at the end of the date, they looked like a legit couple! Excuse me while I bring Bri to the very top of my bracket!

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Now it’s time for the group date, which has a whopping 18 women in attendance. The date consists of the ladies putting on wedding dresses for a photoshoot with Matt. For the record, I can’t think of anything that would bring out my personal brand of “crazy” quite like trying on wedding dresses and posing for a photoshoot with my boyfriend, so 👏 to the Bachelor producers here.

Halfway through the date, the photoshoot turns into a game of “Capture the Heart,” which has absolutely no rules except that the contestants throw paint on each other. It was honestly hilarious and unexpectedly really physical. MJ and her absolutely gorgeous hair win the game, and the date continues for the winning team. Lauren eventually scores the group date rose. 

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Next up is another one-on-one date, this time with Sarah. It starts with a ride on a plane so tiny it gave me anxiety just thinking about it. As Sarah wisely said, “this looks like...the first plane ever invented.” Truer words have never been spoken. 

The views from the plane are gorg and the vibes are flirty, but Matt feels like Sarah is holding back. Post-plane ride, the duo have a romantic picnic, where Sarah opens up about her dad’s battle with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, and describes what it’s like being his caregiver. Sarah was totally raw and honest about the undoubtedly difficult experience, and Matt very appropriately gave her the rose. 

During the cocktail party, Victoria tells Matt about the negative and toxic energy she feels from Marylynn, and Matt quickly decides to “get to the bottom of it.” Oh Matt, sh*t is about to hit the fan. The whole dilemma between Victoria and Marylynn blows up into a “she said/she said” situation. I honestly don't even know how the drama started, but I do know it consumed the rest of the cocktail party at the expense of Matt spending time with other women before the rose ceremony.

Bri, Lauren, and Sarah already have roses from their dates. During the rose ceremony, Matt hands out roses to Pieper, Kit, Magi, Rachael, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, Katie, and Serena C..and then Sarah starts to feel faint and leaves the rose ceremony with Bri’s help. A very concerned Matt goes over to her and a medic is called. The episode ends without concluding the second rose ceremony (hence the incomplete bracket below) and no answers on Sarah's health concern, making this truly the most dramatic rose ceremony of all time.

To be continued...

Updated Bracket

(Note: the episode ended mid-rose ceremony, so week 2 is incomplete!)

Main Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin; Bracket design by Sydney Mastrandrea