The Bachelor Recap: "This Isn't the Sarah Show" But Also It Is

Welcome back, Matt James lovers, for another recap of The Bachelor.

We picked up exactly where we left off last week: Sarah is fainting and the second rose ceremony is paused. We still had roses left when Sarah’s incident took place, so we got right back to the action as soon as Matt made sure she was okay. Khaylah, Mari, MJ, Anna, Kaili, and Victoria get the remaining roses, and we can finally complete week two of our brackets!

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

First up on this episode, we have a group date inspired by Chris Harrison’s romance novel, The Perfect Letter. Contestants are asked to write their own steamy love scenes with Matt that they’ll then read to a studio audience. Bachelor alum (and the most iconic crier of all time) Ashley Iaconetti joins the date to help the women write their stories. It turns out the live studio audience previously promised was actually the rest of the women competing for Matt’s heart, and that just makes this entire situation much more awkward. 

When it came time for the contestants to read their stories, there were honestly so many expletives bleeped out it was hard to follow. Katie and Serena C. had the best performances in my opinion, but overall this group actually had fun with it and made up hilarious stories. Then, the women and Matt went to an after party. 

As Matt chats with Rachael and Bri at the after party, we find out that Sarah (who is not part of this group date) is really struggling with the idea that Matt is spending time with other women. So, naturally, she decides to crash the group date and interrupt Matt while he’s chatting with Katie. The rest of the girls flipped out, and with Victoria’s encouragement, Katie goes back in to get her time with Matt. Matt finally walks Sarah out, but Sarah’s not done yet. She wants to explain to the rest of the women why she stopped by. And that explanation is really a whole lot of nothing.

The group date comes to an end shortly after. Matt gives the rose to Rachael, and the rest of the women are upset because their time was robbed thanks to Sarah.

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Now it’s time for this week’s one-on-one date. Serena P. is the lucky lady who scored a one-on-one with Matt, but unfortunately, their adorable date was overshadowed by the Sarah drama. When Matt arrived to pick Serena P. up for the date, he finds Sarah to speak with her about the previous night’s situation. He then gives Sarah a ton of reassurance and reminds her how much he wants her here. Matt is clearly really into Sarah, and I feel like that’s the only reason he’s giving into this.

But back to the actual date happening. Serena P. and Matt set off on horses on a gorgeous day and have a picnic. It was kind of snoozy until they were interrupted by a donkey, and we learned the fun fact that Matt had a turtle as a child. Serena immediately asked “were you a weird kid?” which was a lot funnier than I think she intended.

Their date was really cute overall and Serena got the rose, but the brewing issues between Sarah and the rest of the ladies continued to take center stage.

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Back at the house, the women can’t stop talking about how frustrated they are with Sarah stealing their time with Matt, and they confront her as a group. Sarah reveals that she was thinking about leaving the show, and the women have a lot to say in response (including Victoria’s surprisingly accurate quote “this is not the Sarah show”).  They really all just piled on Sarah and it was brutal to watch–many of their points were valid, but their approach was just straight up mean.

The next morning, the mood continued. Sarah is still spending time alone in her room, and the rest of the girls are still pissed. A surprise twist: Katie goes to talk to Sarah. Katie is the hero we all needed to clean up this mess. She’s clearly the most emotionally stable and secure person in the history of The Bachelor, and she encourages Sarah to stay despite the drama.

Sarah tells Katie about her dad’s battle with ALS, and Katie reveals her dad passed away in 2012. They have a sweet and tearful moment together, and then Sarah decides to go home. Katie breaks the news to the rest of the ladies and reminds them to “stay classy” during this process because they don’t know everyone’s stories. A very welcome reminder–Katie, I’m rooting for you to be the next Bachelorette! 

Sarah packs up and tells Matt she’s leaving. He is clearly bummed but understands, and we can now all say farewell to Sarah and the "Sarah show" that consumed this week's episode.

The scenes from next week look JUICY–there are (drum roll please) new ladies arriving! I can’t wait to see how this all breaks down. Until next week!

Main Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin; Bracket design by Sydney Mastrandrea