The Bachelor Recap: The One Where Tyler Cameron Finally Shows Up

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for a Tyler Cameron appearance since...the moment Matt James was confirmed as the next Bachelor.

After all: Tyler was Matt’s intro to all things Bachelor. They’re Insta-famous best friends and roommates, so it was only a matter of time before the dream duo teamed up.

Tyler originally won us all over when he appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Since then he has transcended what it means to be a Bachelor contestant.

Obviously, my favorite moment of the episode involves Tyler. But, we have a lot more to unpack. Let’s get started.

The episode starts off with an awkward conversation between MJ and Jessenia after Matt asked them to sort out their drama. MJ denies causing any problems with the other contestants (should we remind her that it’s literally all on camera?!) while Jessenia sticks to her story (AKA the truth).

In the end, Matt decides he has to choose between them, and MJ gets the boot. Matt cancels the rest of the cocktail hour so they get right to the rose ceremony. He makes some major cuts and ends up with 11 women still competing for his heart.

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Matt's first one-on-one date is with Pieper. Matt, dressed in an adorable red turtleneck, takes Pieper to their own private carnival. It looks like fun, but also mildly that just me?!

At the beginning of the date, Matt made it clear he had his eye on Pieper from the very beginning. Throughout their date, they felt very natural and looked like a real couple. Their chemistry is legit! Pieper eventually got the date rose after a romantic dinner. Matt and Pieper then went to a private concert with Temecula Road. If that name isn't familiar, don't fret–they're a band, you can meet them here.

Meanwhile, Heather Martin (Hannah Brown’s bestie and a contestant from Colton’s season of The Bachelor) arrives at the Nemacolin Resort’s front gates asking to speak to Chris Harrison. She literally drove herself there in a white minivan, and IDK about you but I have a lot of thoughts about that arrival! This was just the first of many questionable things we watched Heather do in this episode.

As Heather explained to Chris Harrison, she wanted her shot at love with Matt. Chris worked a little magic to make it happen (even though they're almost halfway through the season), and Heather gets the okay to join the show. She has to quarantine before her big arrival, so the next time we see Heather, she's passing the time in a hotel room as she patiently waits to meet the man of her dreams.

Matt is heading to a bowling date with nine women. At first, it’s all fun and games, but soon it’s revealed that the women will be split into teams and have to compete against each other. The winning team gets to go to the after-party with Matt, while the losers have to walk home in the rain. Kinda harsh, no?

It’s a fierce battle, but the pink team wins in the end. Four women (Jessenia, Michelle, Chelsea, and Serena P.) will move on to the after-party. The blue team has a very sad goodbye, but as soon as they’re back home Chris Harrison arrives with a card from Matt inviting them to join the rest of the date. A moment of true joy! Long story short, after a pointless goodbye, we’re back to nine women on the date.

Emotions are running high as the ladies compete for one rose. A lot of these contestants are frustrated with their lack of time with Matt. I mean, I get that the struggle of sharing your boyfriend is tough, but that’s also literally the format of the show. So you have to make the most of the few moments you get!

Michelle (who was randomly a really good bowler) scores Matt's coveted group date rose in the end.

Matt is heading to a one-on-one date with Katie, but before we get there he pauses to play pool with...drum roll please...Tyler Cameron! It’s almost too much handsome-ness for one screen. See it for yourself:

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

Tyler shares a few words of wisdom with Matt, and also asks Matt if he can see himself proposing at the end of the season. Matt says yes! But my lingering question: is this how real men actually communicate with each other? Their whole conversation lasted like 60 seconds but it seemed like they covered a lot of ground in that time! I'm impressed!

Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin

We switch gears from Matt’s (friendship) date with Tyler to his date with Katie, which is taking place at a spa. But the Tyler Cameron action isn’t over just yet. For their date, Matt and Katie play a prank on Tyler.

Tyler thinks he’s getting a massage, but the masseuse is actually an actor who has an earpiece linked to Matt and Katie, who will tell her what to do to make this a...unique massage experience for Tyler. Matt and Katie have hidden cameras too, so they can watch the whole thing go down. 

They had a lot of fun, and they continued the prank by entering Tyler's massage room themselves. As Sydney, my fellow Bachelor obsessive, wisely said: “it takes a really confident man to take their date into a room with Tyler Cameron wearing nothing but underwear and oil dripping down his abs.” Too true.

I feel like it says a lot that Matt invited Katie on the date with his best friend, because meeting your man’s friends is a huge step! But now we're in for a major twist: at the end of the date, Matt sends Katie home. I'm shocked! He said he had other relationships that have progressed further, but they clearly had a connection during the date. What went wrong here?! 

Once Katie is gone, it’s time to get ready for another rose ceremony. And Heather, who shared WAY too many BTS moments while quarantining, is ready to join Matt and the rest of the contestants.

She drove herself to the cocktail party (again in a white I the only one who is confused by this?!) and made *quite* the entrance. She strutted past the contestants and went directly to find Matt. Then, she interrupted his conversation so she could say hi.

The rest of the women are NOT happy. And as we’ve discussed previously, this is not the kindest group of ladies in the world. So Heather's surprise arrival is going to get ugly. But we’ll have to wait a full week to find out what happens–the episode ends before we see the full backlash go down.

Heather, I hope that quarantine time is really worth it in the end, but based on the preview for next week, I’m not so sure that it was. Until then...

Main Image by ABC Press/Craig Sjodin; Bracket design by Sydney Mastrandrea