Meet the Founders of Nori

Introducing, Meet the Founder! We have some pretty amazing brands on the SN Marketplace and it was time we shared a little bit about their incredible founders. 

First up? Nori. The amazing handheld steam iron that allows you to easily remove wrinkles from your clothing without any clunky ironing boards, leakage, or headaches! Not to mention it's cute as can be. Read on to learn more about the amazing minds behind one of Team SN's favorite brands below!

Meet The Brand

After years of frustration with leaky steamers, clunky ironing boards, and expensive dry cleaning, Courtney wanted something more compact and effective than existing market solutions. After a number of years, a team of friends, engineers, investors, advisors, ambassadors and her co-founder, Annabel, they create an exciting and thoughtful clothing care brand for the next generation—Nori. 

Nori is a female-founded clothing care brand creating thoughtful hardware solutions for the next generation. The brand looks to change consumers’ perception of ironing, steaming, laundering and general fabric care with branded solutions that are designed with younger demographics' priorities in mind. The brand’s hero product, the Nori Press, has been touted by Vogue, Forbes and Town and Country alike as a “total game changer.”

“The ironing and steaming market was one of the last we could identify that had yet to see a disruptive player offering innovative technology and DTC distribution. Nori was created as an antidote to the legacy conglomerates filling big box stores with outdated solutions that fail to meet the needs of modern consumers.” - Courtney

“Market reports suggest an almost 50% increase in the sale of clothing irons this month. Consumers are heading back to the office, retiring athleisure-dominant wardrobes, and dressing up again, meaning the need and relevance of our product is ever-growing.”  - Annabel

Their SN Favorites

A Fun Anecdote

After 20 months of pre-launch development, Annabel and Courtney were finally ready to introduce their brand to the market. In anticipation of their launch, the two sat down to create a list of milestones and achievements they hoped to realize in the company’s first five years of life. Number 7 on that list was a dream to work with Something Navy and Arielle Charnas. As fate and a bit of manifestation would have it, seven months into their lifespan, Nori launched “Something Steamy:” it’s first co-branded product with Something Navy.