Meet the Founders of Stripe & Stare

Meet the Founders of Stripe & Stare, a brand Team SN has been loving (and wearing) for years. Founded by two incredible females committed to planting playfulness in sustainable clothes, their one-of-a-kind pieces are cute, comfortable, and do the right thing in the most fun and playful way. Keep scrolling to learn more about the amazing founders behind Stripe & Stare below!

About Stripe & Stare

Stripe & Stare was founded in 2017 by friends Katie and Nicola after 6 years of research into designing and creating the world’s most comfortable knickers. They couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a cool comfortable pair of knickers for every day life. Katie was a buyer at a London store stocking brands like Rag and Bone and Zimmerman and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find this product so set out to create it herself. The shop's customers were her daily focus groups in helping to develop the perfect pair of pants!

Meet Katie and Nicola

Katie and Nicola are all about women supporting women—because after all, nothing great was ever achieved in uncomfortable knickers. Their range has expanded into sleep and underwear essentials all from the same sustainable fibres, made from trees. Their knickers have been described as the most comfortable in the world by Forbes, Instyle, The Times, and 95% of women who try them. The unique flat lock stitching all but eliminates VPL. They are so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them!

"We love working with Something Navythe range is so beautiful and well-curated, one of our favorite American brands! Arielle has always been amazingly supportive to us as a small UK brand and we absolutely love working with the Something Navy team." - Katie and Nicola

The Mission

We started the brand with intention of changing the underwear market—creating the perfect knickers for women for everyday life. We wanted something that was beyond comfortable. Only 3% of the underwear market is sustainably sourced which is terrible for a product we wear every day and cannot buy second-hand. Our range is 95% biodegradable so you can literally bury it in the garden at the end of its life. As a single mother and sole provider for her children, working with strong women and lifting each other up is very very important.