Our Favorite Female Owned Businesses

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here. Something Navy also retains a percent of revenue from the third party brand products sold on Somethingnavy.com.

If you’re looking to support female-owned businesses in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. From time-saving travel essentials to supercharged skincare, read on for a specially curated list of our favorite female-owned brands to support this month – and long after.

Crown Affair

When Dianna Cohen founded Crown Affair in January 2020, she had no idea her brand’s mantra, “take your time” would become a motto for the moment. Cohen founded Crown Affair after a Google Doc she created detailing her haircare routine went viral. From there, she surveyed the gaps in the haircare market and realized most brands were focused on styling, but very few were focused on appreciating and enhancing the hair’s natural texture. Crown Affair makes everything you need for the perfect air-dry: from tortoiseshell combs and Italian-made brushes to a game-changing hair towel (seriously, try it) and an innovative powdered dry shampoo. Bonus points that the line of products smells so good you won’t even want to wash them out.


In September 2019, following years of smoothing wrinkles from her clothes with a hair straightener to avoid the hassle of ironing, Courtney teamed up with her best friend, Annabel Love, to create the Nori, an innovative and easy-to-use handheld steam iron. It’s compact enough to take on the go; which means no more unwieldy ironing boards in the hotel room on a weekend trip or last minute DIY shower steams before a night out. Team SN loves Nori so much that we partnered with them to create a custom version in navy (naturally). Pair it with the Fabric Facial and prepare to be amazed at the way it refreshes your dresses. 

Nori Fabric Facial


Fabric Facial

Navy Nori Press Close-up

SN x Nori

Something Navy Nori Press


Avid SN fans will recognize Elemis as a long-time favorite. Team SN's go-to for years now, Elemis is our top recommendation for anyone looking to get their glow on. Founded by entrepreneur Linda Steiner in 1989, Elemis’ mission was to create a powerful skin care line rooted in natural ingredients. Their products are not only highly effective, the pro-collagen cleansing balm is a tried and true favorite, but also enhanced with aromatherapy, making every time you use them feel like a trip to your favorite spa.


If you’re looking to lean into the French girl aesthetic, look no further than ba&sh, a brand we love so much, we partnered with them to create three pairs of custom boots. Founded by French BFFs Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, ba&sh was created as a way to make the Parisian-cool closet globally accessible. Even just one ba&sh piece is enough to make your entire outfit. And if ba&sh isn’t quite in your budget, they have an amazing borrowing program, where you can rent pieces at a fraction of their retail price. We love a brand that’s friendly on the wallet and the wardrobe.

Daily Harvest

When Daily Harvest’s founder Rachel Drori was working in a corporate job, she didn’t have time to cook, and she’d often reach for whatever was in her office pantry to tide her over until her next (takeout) meal. In 2015, she founded Daily Harvest to solve that problem. Daily Harvest is a food subscription service featuring freezable, gluten-free, plant-based meals that last for months but are ready in minutes. From their fan-favorite smoothies and harvest bowls to their more recent addition of milk and flatbread alternatives, everything is delicious AND their packaging is recyclable. When you’re supporting Daily Harvest, you’re supporting a women-owned business that cares about the environment and you’re nourishing your body. Win, win, win.

Daily Harvest Smoothie

Daily Harvest

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Jin Soon

Those in-the-know in NYC looking to indulge their nails and relax their mind have been flocking to Jin Soon for years. Before she was a celebrity manicurist, founder Jin Soon Choi was an immigrant from South Korea, who moved to New York in 1991 not knowing a word of English. She worked as a waitress until she happened upon a manicurist trainee job. It was during her time in the nail chair that she began connecting with clients, learning the language, and falling in love with the art of nails. After founding an in-home manicure business, Choi began getting booked for fashion shoots, and, in 1999, she opened her first Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spa (there are now four!), in the East Village. Jin Soon stood out from other nail salons for its soothing vibe; there were no clinical bright lights or unsightly white plastic UV hand-dryers to be found. Those who can’t access the magic of Jin Soon IRL can champion the brand by purchasing one of the uniquely-hued polishes from Jin Soon’s eponymous nail line.