A Picture Perfect Picnic: SN Eats Edition

Thank you to our friends at BON V!V for partnering with us on this story.

Nothing says summer like a well-planned outdoor picnic. 

More than ever, the art of outdoor dining has become a staple on our social calendars. With just a few weeks left of the summer, we decide to create a step-by-step guide to hosting a SN-approved outdoor picnic, complete with our favorite BON V!V Spiked Seltzer flavors to toast to the season. 

BON V!V is the perfect addition to a summer picnic. Created with natural fruit flavors, BON V!V has only 90 calories per can with 4.5% ABV and zero sugar (yup–that's 0g of sugar!) with a refreshing and flavorful taste.

Below, Anna shows us a step-by-step guide to planning and hosting the quintessential summer picnic in Los Angeles, complete with a delicious food spread and BON V!V of course! Read on for more, and shop BON V!V yourself at Drizlynew users can use the code SOMETHINGNAVY to score $5 off your order!

Step One: Gather Your Essentials

The first step in planning your next picnic is to pick the menu. Choose foods that can travel easily and don't necessarily have to be warmed before serving. Create a cheese spread with a baguette, crackers, and a few cheese options (Anna opted for burrata and a creamy brie!). Focaccia and a croissant are always crowd-pleasers, plus some fruit to round it out.

To match this spread, Anna brought Clementine Hibiscus and Pear Elderflower BON V!V for her group to enjoy. Pack your essentials in a cute wicker picnic basket and make sure you have a cooler too to keep your drinks chilled–after all, BON V!V is best enjoyed cold! 

Step Two: Pick a Strategic Picnic Venue

The right venue makes all the difference. Make sure you pick a wide-open spot where you can really set up your picnic spread to be enjoyed. Think about the time of day, too: if its midday, you'll want to find some shade so you're not baking in the heat all day, but if it's an evening picnic you'll want a great view of the sunset. Once you've found the locale, set up your picnic and get comfortable.

Step Three: Pair Your Drinks With the Occasion 

No matter what your menu is, there's a BON V!V flavor to pair with just about everything. BON V!V has eight refreshing, fruit-forward, and botanical flavors for every taste palate: Lemon Lime,  Black Cherry, Pear Elderflower, Clementine Hibiscus, Coconut Pineapple, Grapefruit, Mango, and Cranberry. Anna's favorite of the day was Pear Elderflower. "It had the perfect amount of sweetness and paired really well with the cheese spread and fruit," Anna said. "It was light and very fresh."

Step Four: Toast to the Summer

No picnic is complete without a proper toast. Grab your BON V!V flavor of choice and cheers with your summer crew to celebrate the season!