Add These SN-Approved Books to Your Reading List

Calling all bibliophiles: say hello to the Something Navy book club, complete with literary inspiration straight from Team SN.

Prepare to refresh your winter reading list. We took a page from Oprah and Reese to create our very own book club, spotlighting the must-read books our team can't put down.

To kick it off, we're sharing our favorite novels, including a riveting historical fiction pick and a compelling bestseller set in New York. And, we're highlighting the gorgeous art and model-filled coffee table books that are currently gracing our living rooms.

Discover the SN-approved reading list below, and slide into our DMs to share your most-loved page-turners now!

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here.