SN Eats: Girls Night Out

We are so lucky to have such an open dialogue between our team and all the SN followers. We love hearing what you want from us just as much as we love getting advice from you.
We’ve been taking your restaurant recommendations very seriously lately and wanted to update you on our new SN EATS guidelines. Basically, if we try a restaurant, we’re going to do it the SN way. Here’s what that means… We’re using a numerical rating scale from 1-10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. While it can get a little subjective depending on who is going to each restaurant, we came up with these three categories that will help level the playing field.

Food: How was the food? Were we, like, dying every time we saw an entrée or dessert head to a table nearby? Did the restaurant serve literal food porn? Are we still salivating every time we go through the photos we took of each dish that we tried? Did we read the menu and think to ourselves, “I need everything” and proceed to order it all?!

Service: This one is pretty simple, actually. Was the staff nice to us? Were they annoyed that we took photos of literally everything? Was our food on time? And most importantly, whether or not the service helped make this experience memorable and something we’d be sure to recommend to our friends and back to our readers!

Experience: Was this the kind of place you will remember? Was it chic, thoughtful, inviting and cool? Is it the kind of place that you need to know someone to get in or is it the perfect spot for a casual catch up with your friends? Is the decor amazing, but the people so-so? Is the music too loud that I can’t even hear myself think? Is the bar crowded to the point where it’s a hassle or is it just right? These factors are what we’re looking for when we’re rating for experience.

We will vote 1-10 on all three categories.

If a restaurant scores 30/30, it’s freakishly good! If it gets 3/30, that means you should take it from us and don’t try it!

Her Name Was Carmen

Food: 9 – Everything was incredible! The Tuna Mojama and Short Ribs were my favorites. Each dish we ordered had so much flavor, highlighted by all different amazing sauces that we were obsessed with. In terms of taste, everything was a 10, but I don’t necessarily think the plates are ideal for sharing with a big group because they aren’t that big. If you’re just eating with one or two girlfriends, sharing works perfectly, though! Our order: Tuna Mojama, Roasted Cauliflower, Hamachi Tiradito, Truffle Pasta and Short Ribs.

Service: 10- The waiter was super helpful and gave detailed suggestions when it came down to what to order. He was also very friendly! The bartender was also great and he sent us his favorite signature cocktail, which was delicious and the perfect way to end our meal.

Experience: 9.5- The atmosphere was perfect. The aesthetic here can’t be beat! It is the perfect GNO spot because the decor is super warm and inviting, yet young and playful. They play great music and the cocktails are delicious. The dining area doesn’t seat a ton of people, which I love because you don’t have to feel like you're yelling when trying to talk with the people you came with, and it allows the space to maintain an exclusive/intimate vibe, while still being super upbeat and fun. Be sure to make a reservation though, because with limited seating and food this good, I can imagine they book up quickly!

Another reason why it is the perfect GNO spot is the lounge downstairs. It is so much fun for a night out! Think tropical-meets-disco decor and the music varies from Latin to old-school pop, which is so much fun. You’ll find me here very often!

Favorite Dish Shared For The Table: 10- Tuna Mojama… delicious and SO much flavor 

– Sydney


Food: 8.5- You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu here. Everything was super delicious! I definitely suggest getting things to share so you can try a little bit of everything. Especially on a girls night out, it’s always fun to share with the table. Mamo has some really yummy drinks and I highly recommend the Cute Cucumber cocktail! Even though I didn’t get the Truffle Pizza this time around, it’s one of my favorites and if you go, you 100% need to try it! A few favorites that we had this time: Eggplant Parm, Truffle Fries and Caico E Pepe! 

Service: 7- The waiters are very nice, but the girls at the check in are kind of snooty! Overall the service was great. 

Experience: 8- I love coming here with my girlfriends before a night out or even if this is the only thing we are doing for the night. It has a good atmosphere, good vibes, good drinks and good food! Also, it’s a perfect spot for big group dinners!! I have spent so many nights here with friends and it is basically our go-to! 

Favorite Dish Shared For The Table- Burrata Pizza! YUMMMM! Drooling thinking about it.


Pietro Nolita

Food: 7- The owner of Pietro Nolita sought out to create a healthier menu of Italian dishes. I think he accomplished that well. Although I wouldn’t say this is a must-try if you’re seeking real, authentic Italian. My girlfriends and I shared everything which I recommend! 

Service: 8- I think there was 1 waiter for the entire restaurant which sometimes poses problems. But good thing the restaurant only holds ~25 people! Our waiter was friendly and did a good job, I wish he was slightly more personable!

Experience: 8- The main reason to dine at Pietro Nolita is because it’s a little pink jewel box! It’s very instagrammable which many of us appreciate. The crowd is definitely on the younger side. 

Favorite Dish Shared For The Table: Panzanella Salad and Butternut Squash Ravioli.



Food: 10- Koi is always an easy pick when I have no clue where I want to eat and that’s because the food is SO delicious. I swear I leave more in love every time. 

Service: 7- Have to be honest, we were a bit disappointed. We found ourselves looking for the waiter multiple times and the food came out so fast that we didn’t have a ton of time to sit and enjoy.

Experience: I will go to any restaurant as long as I enjoy the food, so overall, it was definitely a great experience. I can’t wait to go back!

Favorite Dish Shared For The Table: 100% without a doubt the Crispy Rice (next would be the chocolate cake).

– Nikki


Food: 7- Everything is shareable and based on Chicago classics. It’s hard to find deep dish pizza in NYC and this is it. The menu is pretty narrow though, so you definitely need to be in the mood for pizza, a cheeseburger or skip it.  

Service: 9- The staff was super friendly and attentive. I feel like this is the type of place with “regulars” and you can tell the waiters love them. 

Experience: 7- Emmett’s is about as big as an NYC studio apartment, so be prepared to get cozy with the tables next to you! The tables are also super tiny, so we had to put our drinks on a shelf on the wall above the table. LOL.

Favorite Dish Shared For The Table: Mozzarella Sticks.

– Dana