SN Eats: The Best Outdoor Dining in NYC

With warmer weather comes floral dresses, an excuse for brunch every Sunday, and of course, outdoor dining. We know that you’ve been craving the Spring season for the sake of your Instagram feeds and luckily, Team SN has some recommendations for where you can have the best photoshoots and food. On this edition of SN Eats, check out our picks for the best places to outdoor dine in NYC this spring!


Located in Dumbo with gorgeous waterfront views, Cecconi’s has the perfect outdoor dining set-up for basking in the sun while eating some of the best Italian cuisine the city has to offer. Whether you opt for an elegant dinner complete with your choice of pasta and wine, or brunch and pain au chocolat is more your speed, Cecconi’s has something to offer for everyone. If you find yourself becoming a big fan of the upscale Italian restaurant, keep in mind that they have locations all over the world from Miami Beach to Berlin, so be sure to check if there’s one on your next vacay.


If you’re going out to eat with a big group of friends, tapas is definitely the way to go. No place does it better than Salinas. Located in the heart of Chelsea, Salinas creates authentic Spanish cuisine thanks to the expertise of co-owner and San Sebastian native, Chef Louis Bollo. Their outdoor garden is the perfect place to cop some Insta-worthy pics while sipping delicious craft cocktails and munching on perfectly portioned tapas. What more could you ask for?

Serra by Birreria

Translating to “greenhouse” in Italian, Serra truly takes after its namesake with a floor-to-ceiling garden surrounding your dining experience. The seasonal restaurant’s menu is inspired by the Italian countryside, with a wide variety of pastas and shareable dishes that feature ingredients from local Italian producers. Their seasonal drinks take inspiration from limoncello and the 80s, all with an Italian twist of course. If that’s not enough to convince you to take a visit to Serra, the restaurant partners with The Endling Project, an initiative with the aim of protecting plant species from going extinct. Eat some delicious Italian cuisine, enjoy the greenery, and support a noble cause by trying out this gorgeous rooftop oasis.

Grand Banks

The return of Spring also means the return of one of New York’s most iconic outdoor dining experiences: Grand Banks. The seasonal restaurant is not only known for its renowned oysters but it’s also located on an actual boat known as the Sherman Zwicker… you can’t get more waterfront than that. Team SN can’t think of a better way to eat some seafood and enjoy the nice weather, so do yourself a favor and head down to Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 for some unforgettable food and views.

Round K By Sol

If you’re looking for a delicious and casual brunch spot, we recommend one of New York City’s cutest cafés located on Canal Street, Round K By Sol. Not only does this place have affordable food and drinks, but there’s also an adorable hidden backyard where you’ll have the perfect lighting to snap a few pics of your butter covered latte, soju cocktail, or Korean barbeque party toast. While it’s open Monday through Sunday as a café, the space transforms into a bar complete with delicious craft cocktails from Thursday to Saturday night. With that in mind, even if you’re not a morning person, there’s no excuse to not try out Round K By Sol.

Lola Taverna 

If you want to transport yourself to a tropical destination or you’re just craving authentic Greek food, then you have to try out Lola Taverna. Purple flowers cover the entire outdoor space, making you feel like you’re on vacation in the Mediterranean and not in the middle of SoHo. The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday for dinner and also boasts an incredible brunch menu that’s available from Friday to Sunday. While Lola Taverna has exceptional food and a great outdoor ambiance, they’re also known for their birthday sparklers, so Team SN recommends grabbing some friends for a spring birthday celebration that you’ll never forget.