How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Celebration for Spring

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Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and head to the nearest park. Spring is here and it’s time for a picnic!

A picnic is a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures and sunny days. All you need is the right outfit, gear, and menu to make it a special afternoon. Read on for our guide to planning a top-notch picnic.

What to Wear: Spring Picnic Edition

Spring style is all about layers. After all: “April showers bring May flowers” is a thing for a reason. Be prepared for anything by creating an outfit of smart separates.

Pair your favorite denim style from Joe’s Jeans with a sweater–we love the colorful Poppy Ombre Sweater or the pale pink Miranda Coil Neck Sweater, worn under the Candy Shirt Jacket for an extra layer of warmth. A chic silk scarf by DESEDA is the perfect accessory to top it off.

What to Eat and Drink: Spring Picnic Edition

Choose a menu that includes dishes which are easy to transport and will hold up if you spend a few hours in the sun. We're big fans of finger foods since we like to travel sans utensils.

Enter: an elaborate cheese board, with a variety of cheeses, crackers, jams, nuts, and fresh fruit for easy snacking. The more cheese plate add-ons you can pack, the better! Pick up some fresh pastries as well, like croissants and doughnuts, to add some sweet treats to your spread.

For your drink menu, focus on canned cocktails that can be transported easily, or a bottle of wine with a twist-off top. And Champagne is always a good idea, because you can pop a bottle just about anywhere.

What to Pack: Spring Picnic Edition

Go back to basics for your packing list. Focus on your setup first and foremost–you'll want a great blanket to serve as a home base. Then, make sure your dining accessories are covered. 

A functional cheese board set, like this Bamboo version, has cheese knives in the design to make serving and packing up a breeze. A set of playing cards will keep you and your guests entertained when you’re not eating, and you can easily wrap it all up in a stylish tote bag, like this one from Hat Attack