The 20/30-Something Guide to Boozing in New York City

Our 20/30-Something guides are all about sharing our favorite tips, shopping recommendations, and destinations with our readers.

Warmer weather has landed in New York and many of our go-to restaurants have safely reopened with indoor and outdoor seating Now, we're all about toasting to the season in style.

Today, we're exploring the best spots to booze in the city with a little help from Taylor and Tara. Read on for Team SN's must-visit restaurants and bars in NYC.

Taylor's 20-Something Guide

Image Courtesy Dante

Cheers to Cocktail Hour 🍸

The Happiest Hour: 121 West 10th Street

The Happiest Hour has an amazing list of classic cocktails, with something that everyone will love. But my favorite order is the “you pick ‘em, we pour ‘em," where you tell them what kind of liquor you like and they recommend a drink for you!

Dante: 551 Hudson Street and 79-81 Macdougal Street

Dante is known for its top-notch cocktail list–the spot has even been named one of the world’s 50 best bars. Their Negronis are particularly famous and they have an entire menu dedicated to Negroni variations, so it’s a must-order! 

Image Courtesy Lola Taverna

Dinner and Drinks

Little Ways: 343 West Broadway

Little Ways is the sister restaurant to Flower Shop and it has such an incredible vibe! They have fun drinks like the “Harry Styles” and the food menu is great too. You can easily split a few of their delicious dishes with friends!

Lola Taverna: 210 6th Avenue

This is an amazing Mediterranean restaurant right in between Soho and the West Village. Their outdoor seating is not only huge but also decorated beautifully. It’s a perfect place for a big group dinner because they have a lot of fun, shareable dishes. And the drinks are great too!

Tara's 30-Something Guide

Image Courtesy The Mark Hotel

Cheers to Cocktail Hour 🍸

The Mark Hotel: 25 East 77th Street

The Mark Hotel has a swanky bar that is really fun to visit. The drinks are great, as is the people watching!

The NoMad Bar: 10 West 28th Street

The NoMad Bar is perfect for drinks! There’s always a good vibe, and the cocktails and food follow suit. If you like spicy tequila drinks, order the "Hot Lips"–it’s not on the menu so you’re welcome for the insider detail!

Image Courtesy American Bar

Dinner and Drinks

Hillstone: 888 Third Avenue and 378 Park Avenue South

Hillstone is basically the jack of all trades of restaurants, IMO. The menu has variety and everything is delicious, including their cocktails. I love their dirty martinis, which can be accompanied by blue cheese stuffed olives. Part of the martini thrill at Hillstone is that when you’re about halfway done, your waiter repours it into a freshly chilled glass.

4 Charles Prime Rib: 4 Charles Street

The entire experience at 4 Charles Prime Rib feels decadent! It’s a very hard reservation to get so once you get your foot in the door, you better try as many things on the menu as you can! My order always includes the little gem salad, the French dip salad, and the burger of course! Oh and the ice cream sundae for dessert. Their service is also top-notch.

American Bar: 33 Greenwich Avenue

American Bar has a great vibe and is perfectly situated in the West Village. The menu is vast, and it's one of the only restaurants (that I know of) that serves large chopped salads for dinner!