Ultra-Chic Tech Essentials to Revamp Your Daily Routine

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here. Something Navy also retains a percent of revenue from the third party brand products sold on Somethingnavy.com.

Over the past two years, Team SN's daily routines have evolved dramatically and we know we're not alone. We've devised new day-to-day rituals that fulfill us just as much (if not more) than our old ones—and it's about time we share some of our favorites.

While working from home, we've tried and tested many different lifestyle products to help us find solace (and motivation) when coffee just doesn't cut it. A majority of the items we fell in love with center around one theme: technology. After all, it transcends all aspects of our lives, from our wake-up rituals and beauty routines to our careers (be it at home or the office).

Ahead, team SN breaks down what's worth buying when it comes to your daily routine, from the energy-boosting oil diffuser you didn't know you needed to the 'It' hair care device of the moment.

For Your Morning Routine

Not a morning person? Let's change that by dreaming up the perfect morning, which starts when your Loftie Alarm Clock goes off (but not aggressively; it was created to ease you out of your slumber). Then, you slip out of the sheets and into a pair of slippers, like our mood-boosting and oh-so-pretty pink corduroy pair.

Next, you brew a cup of joe from a luxe device that makes espresso as good as your go-to coffee shop (Team SN adores the Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine, FYI). As you sip (chug) your coffee, turn on your essential oil diffuser to catch some zen before you start the workday.

And before you accidentally forget about your coffee and let it go cold, place it on a warming coaster that allows you to prep its exact temperature. Amazed? Us, too.

For Your Beauty Routine

Let’s set the scene: You’ve had some coffee and now it’s time for glam. You light a LAFCO Candle to get into relaxation mode and now it’s time to do your hair. You reach for the tool of the moment: the blowout-perfecting Dyson Airwrap Styler, which we know you’ve already heard of. Yes, it’s true: Team SN is obsessed.

Now, for skincare. You start by toning and contouring your face with the NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit. Then, you grab your Droplette Microinfusion Device, which is one of the buzziest products in the beauty industry right now, backed by NASA. (Yes, the NASA). You load it with a glycolic acid capsule and let your skin soak up the device’s powerful mist.

Lastly, since “real”-looking skin is in, you apply a complexion-enhancing tint in lieu of foundation. Take our word for it: Rose Inc’s Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint is positively game-changing when it comes to making your natural skin look its best.

For Your Work Routine

When was the last time you gave your work routine a makeover? Prep for a day on the job with two capsules of the Nue Co's cognitive supplements (which have five-star reviews across the board, by the way). Take two with water before putting on a pair of snazzy blue light glasses. Let the selfies commence. 

And, because your tools deserve a modern refresh, too, proceed with crossing off your to-do list on your Apple iPad, which will seamlessly replace all of the paperwork accumulating dust on your desk. Another Team SN-loved desk essential? The Courant Catch:3 Wireless Charging and Accessory Tray, which is equal parts elegant and functional. It's perfect for holding your easily-misplaced items while your phone charges. 

And finally, inspire all of your coworkers to invest in a Beyond UV Sanitizing Box, which is especially smart for those in an office. Throw your phone and keys inside while you work and it will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Oh, and your phone will charge while the device works its magic.