What Advice Would You Give Yourself at 20?

If you could go back in time, what words of wisdom would you give your younger self? 
They say hindsight is 20/20, and no point makes that more clear than when you're thinking of what you wish you knew when you were younger. From beauty advice to sage wisdom on dating (spoiler: don't play games), we asked Arielle and Team SN to share the most impactful pieces of advice they'd like to tell their 20-year-old selves. 

Dating Advice for Our 20-Year-Old Selves

"Date around and meet all different types of guys! It’s so important to be open at this age because it’ll help you determine what is right for you in a guy and a relationship that you’ll ultimately end up in forever! Have fun."–Arielle

"Be yourself from the start and don’t play games. If you find yourself analyzing every text you send, then he/she probably isn’t right for you. Also, if he/she doesn’t treat you well from the start, it’s not going to get better, especially with men. They really are simple creatures and if you have to question their interest in you, you should move on."–Meghan

"There’s no such thing as ‘always’ and ‘never’. Anything can happen and can change the course of what you set out each of your relationships to be. Enjoy the moment and the time with each other, and try not to fixate on permanence."–Pujah

"It's so cliché, but I really now believe that what’s meant to be will find a way. Don’t spend time stressing over situations you can’t control or people who don’t value you. And turn your phone off after 11pm!"–Dana

Career Advice for Our 20-Year-Old Selves

"Test the waters! Try different areas that you wouldn’t normally jump into. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in fashion but I knew I wanted to be creative in that space. During my 20s is when I figured out what it was I was passionate about. I focused on it as my side hustle until it became an industry."–Arielle

"Celebrate the small wins just as much as the big wins. Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t just keep going, going, going. Take a minute to enjoy your achievements!"–Meghan

"Never sell yourself short. Dream big! But also make sure you have a well-defined path on how to actually achieve that dream and work tirelessly towards it. Don’t settle for anything less than what makes you genuinely happy."–Pujah

"Don’t be afraid to pivot or change careers completely! Your 20’s are the time to figure out what you value in a career, the type of manager that will bring out the best in you, and what your strengths are. You spend too many hours working to dislike your job or company culture, and your 20’s are the best time to explore and find an industry you love."–Dana

Self-Care and Beauty Advice

"Take this time to yourself. Really enjoy the downtime and quietness. If I had known how wild my 30s would be I would have appreciated my twenties so much more. Watching movies, sleeping in late, and just taking care of me."–Arielle

"Say NO to what you don’t want to do. Stop overcommitting yourself to events, dinners, trips, etc. It is perfectly okay to want to spend a Saturday doing your own thing and not being social."–Meghan

"Embrace your imperfections early on! Those same imperfections are probably what make you supremely unique. The quicker you acknowledge and embrace them, the quicker you’ll be able to use your imperfections to your advantage."–Pujah

"You’re the only person who can take care of yourself. Book your annual doctor's appointments, find foods that make you feel good, and wear SPF. And lastly, learn to prioritize your friendships and eliminate those that drain you."–Dana