Arielle Answers Your Most Asked Pregnancy Questions

Being pregnant is one of the most special experiences in your life. Arielle has always shared the highs and lows of expecting her babies with the SN community, so we decided to get her insight on your most frequently asked pregnancy-related questions here.
Below, Arielle shares her perspective (and words of wisdom!) on expecting, maternity style, and welcoming her two girls.

QUESTION: Which pregnancy was harder for you and your body–Ruby or Esme?

Arielle: My pregnancy with Esme was definitely harder. I was reacting differently than I did the first time around. I had all these weird rashes, new aches, and pains that I was unfamiliar with. It was definitely harder overall because she was lying transverse/breech, which led to an emergency c-section. an emergency c-section.

QUESTION: How long did it take for you to start noticing pregnancy symptoms?

Arielle: In the beginning, I actually had zero symptoms, and even my bloodwork and tests said no. I was missing my period, but my doctor told me it just wouldn’t happen that month. I came home from my sister’s bachelorette and still didn’t get a period so I decided to take a test again even though I figured it would be negative. All three tests were positive. I had no symptoms whatsoever besides not getting my period. A few weeks after those three tests all came back positive, I started to feel some things. I was experiencing some of the classic pregnancy symptoms, including nausea, headaches, sore boobs and other things I’ll spare the public with. 

QUESTION: How did you deal with anxiety during pregnancy?

Arielle: Honestly, during pregnancy was the only time I didn’t have anxiety. It felt like my hormones were so balanced out. I genuinely enjoy being pregnant aside from the annoying things that everyone deals with.

QUESTION: Did you do your nails while pregnnat?

Arielle: I actually did! All the time. Most brands of nail polish have a lot of chemicals in them, so try opting for a cleaner brand like @tenoverten or @coteshop.

QUESTION: Did you work out through both of your pregnancies?

Arielle: I didn’t work out at all when I was pregnant with Ruby. I worked out in the beginning when I was pregnant with Esme and was overall more active during the 2nd pregnancy.

QUESTION: Did your feet change in size during or after your pregnancy?

Arielle: Size no, swollen YES.

QUESTION: Do you have any maternity style tips for soon to be mamas struggling with dressing the bump?

Arielle: Once I had a pronounced belly, I gravitated towards stretchy and more fitted clothing. I felt like it was so much more flattering than wearing oversized or baggy. I invested in a few pairs of leggings–one by The Row and one from Spanx. I wore them almost every day with sweaters, button-downs, and tight long sleeves. Shoes were my statement accessory because I could wear fun boots or sneakers to make my outfit a little more interesting. I also loved sweater dresses, dresses in general, and jumpsuits. Overalls were great too, even though I’m not a big overall person. I’m hoping to make cute products for all of my pregnant mamas, so you still feel trendy while pregnant but aren’t spending a fortune on clothing you’ll wear for a short period of time.

QUESTION: How did you make it through labor and pushing?

Arielle: I’ve basically blacked it out. But really: your adrenaline is so high when it’s time to push your mind almost overpowers the pain and exhaustion and before you know it – you’re done. Our bodies are made to do this, you’d be surprised with how much we can handle.

QUESTION: Do you have any tips for potential c-sections?

Arielle: Don’t be nervous! If you have a good doctor you’re in great hands. It’s actually a quick experience and the only rough part is the first week of recovery but it’s a blip in time!

QUESTION: Were you scared about having an emergency c-section?

Arielle: It was all so fast you don’t have time to be scared. The only thing I was focused on was that I was going to meet my baby! It’s so exciting. Brandon was with me and I LOVE my ob-gyn and she comforted me the whole time.

QUESTION: Is a c-section more painful than a vaginal birth?

Arielle: It’s really hard to compare the two. It’s totally different. In my personal experience, a c-section was just unpleasant, whereas birthing a baby was really exhausting and hard. They both were hard! I can’t compare – pain though, no. I wouldn’t use that word for them but that’s because I had an epidural.

QUESTION: Do you think you will have another child after your c-section experience?

Arielle: Oh yeah! How crazy is that? I definitely want another. My doctor told me my chances of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) are over 80% so I’m hopeful but if not it’s okay. Either way, the more time I give my scar to heal the better my chances of a VBAC are.

QUESTION: Why did you bottle feed and not breastfeed?

Arielle: I breastfed Ruby for three months and I breastfed Esme for a few weeks. I found it much harder post c-section, it wasn’t comfortable and it was affecting me mentally. With Ruby, I stopped at three months because I was continuously getting mastitis. 

QUESTION: What was the biggest surprise about pregnancy?

Arielle: I thought it was going to be really scary. But it wasn’t scary.  It’s wild what your body can do!

QUESTION: What's something you wish you knew before you gave birth?

Arielle: A lot of it comes naturally. I stressed so much about not knowing how to even raise another human being. But everything since becoming a mom has just happened so organically and naturally – you will amaze yourself. So just don’t stress and don’t make yourself crazy, it all sorts itself out.

QUESTION: Can you share some of your favorite pregnancy and new mom must-haves?

Arielle: When I was pregnant I used Erbaviva Belly Oil every single night. For nipple cream, I used @earthmamaorganics – it feels like a million years ago so I kind of blacked out on my pregnancy must-haves!

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