Arielle Took Over Our Bumble Profiles and This Is What Happened

Thanks to our friends at Bumble for partnering with us on this post.
Once upon a time, there were three young worker bees in Conference Room A, who sat down and put their love lives in Arielle’s hands… quite literally. The four of us (one of them being myself) cringed, cried, cheered, conversed… and swiped… A LOT. Here’s what we ultimately learned about making our profiles Bumble better: 1. Pick Your 3+ Best Photos: the more the merrier, and face-time is key 2. Don’t Skimp on the Details: short can be sweet, but make sure you tease enough info (20-30 words) to get people intrigued 3. Emojis Are Your Friend: Bumble told us the most “popular” profiles include:

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Anna, Miranda and myself sat back as Arielle worked her magic by separating our Bumble profiles from the rest of the hive. Although we haven’t found our hunnies yet, we still bee-lieve we will.

Now watch as Arielle proves to us that she does in fact, still got it.