Arielle Shares 5 Lessons She's Learned By Being a Boss

National Boss's Day is today, October 16–take note so you can give your manager a special shoutout!

In honor of the occasion, we asked Arielle to share words of wisdom about being a boss, from how she's managed the growth of Something Navy to the importance of showing up for your team. Read on for the five most impactful lessons Arielle has learned in her years of being the boss at SN!

  1. The value of an incredible and strong team. Without them, Something Navy would not be what it is today. I feel like we have put together a team of incredibly talented, smart, and driven women and I'm so proud to have them represent the brand.

  2. The importance of giving up control. Now that there are 30 people on the SN team aside from me, it was not easy to let go of everything and hand it over to others. I've learned though that it's so important to give up control on things that I may not be skilled or knowledgeable about and focus on what I am good at. By letting go, I have some of the most talented and skilled women working in areas that I would never in a million years be able to thrive in. My business is 10x better because of this.

  3. My energy is important. As the "boss" it's really important to emit strength, confidence, excitement, and passion. I want my team to feel excited and passionate about what they do and at the end of the day, it comes from my energy. I haven't been doing the best job these last few months but I'm aware and working on it!

  4. Showing up. Always set that example. Be there and be ready to work. 

  5. There is always a solution. Instead of arguing or blaming anyone for anything, just work on problem-solving and finding a solution.