Arielle Shares the Most Surprising Thing She's Learned While Parenting in Quarantine

There are countless ways a summer in quarantine has been different than most, but it created a unique set of challenges for families with kids.

Between virtual school, nonexistent camp options, and parents working from home, both kids and parents have created entirely new routines for the last few months, and Arielle is no exception. Now that the summer is winding down, we asked Arielle to reflect on what it's been like to parent during quarantine, sharing how Ruby and Esme have handled the experience, what the most surprising lesson has been, and how she is keeping the girls busy at home

What Are the Hardest, Best, and Most Surprising Parts of Parenting in Quarantine?

The hardest part of parenting during quarantine is having patience and navigating the uncertainty. We are with our kids 24/7 and trying to manage every little detail of their day when we are used to school and office hours. Taking those 2 minutes to myself to take a few deep breaths before getting back to my kids has been helpful.

The best part of parenting during quarantine has been all of this time I've gotten to spend with my kids and my family. I was able to take a step back, slow down and really appreciate and cherish these moments with my girls at this age. I'm so grateful for this time.

The most surprising thing has been the attachment the kids have developed to Brandon and I during this time. Sleep time has become more difficult, leaving us for time with the grandparents or anything else has been really difficult as well. I'm slowly trying to figure out how I'm going to wean them off spending 24/7 with us.

Do Ruby and Esme Understand That This Summer Is Different Than Most?

The girls don't really understand that much in regards to this summer being different. We've tried to keep it as normal as possible. Instead of actual camp, some of the moms put together backyard pods with 5 kids per group. And the girls just love spending time together and with family. We've taken them out to dinner several times and they are not against wearing a mask, so we got really lucky in that department. I explained everything that has been going on to Ruby, the more info she has the better she understands and accepts.

Overall, they have adapted pretty well. They just are so happy to be in the Hamptons, outside with a backyard and spending time with their family. Honestly nothing beats that for them!

How Have You Kept the Girls Busy At Home?

We've kept the girls busy at home by getting into a TON of games, especially puzzles. I know that sounds cliche but puzzles have really become a big thing in our home these last 6 months. Not just for Ruby but for Esme and I as well. We love doing arts and crafts, of course screen time (binging on all the old school Disney movies), printing out worksheets for Ruby, cooking and baking together and ordering toys, activities, games from Amazon and Target. At the end of the day though, the kids can really keep themselves busy with random things lying around the house like pots and pants, paper towel rolls, or even shaving cream! Honestly, I wouldn't change anything going forward, but I would like to have camp and school, along with some sort of routine or schedule for the kids.

How Have You Stayed Sane While Having Everyone Home 24/7?

I haven't stayed sane, haha. I'm definitely a changed woman but honestly for the better. There is no harder job in the world than being a stay at home mom, quarantine has really opened my eyes to what that job entails. It is no joke! I guess for me it would be wine, a good lighthearted book, baths, baking, Facetime, Netflix and Nancy Meyers movies.