How a Newlywed, Expecting Mom, and L.A. Native Spent Their Summer in Quarantine

We can all agree that this summer has been...unusual.

The coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, many people (including Team SN) have been working remotely for months now, and our usual routines, trips, and summer staples have been suspended as social distance measures remain in place.

All of this begs the question: how will we reflect on Summer 2020 in a few years? Will we remember the empty schedules and extra time at home fondly? We asked three members of Team SN to share their thoughts on the summer in quarantine, highlighting the highs and lows they've experienced as they stay home. Below, Anna, Dana, and Pujah are sharing their thoughts. 

Anna's Summer Reflections

This quarantine has been up and down for me. I spent the first 2.5 months in my apartment in New York City with my sister and her boyfriend–and as I’m sure you know apartments in NYC are not big so us three cramped in there was a mess! I started to get major anxiety from being stuck inside and isolated that it started to cause a few health issues for me. I finally decided in May that for my own mental health I needed to change my scenery. I am from Los Angeles originally and both of my parents live there so I went home ( and I haven't been home in 2 years!). Once I got to L.A., I really took advantage of my surroundings, I have been going to the beach and hiking which honestly helped so much because it has distracted me a little from all that's going on. I get to see (socially distant) friends and family that I haven't seen in forever and for the positive note of all of this, I am just very grateful for that time that I now have with important people in my life.

 I’ve learned two major things about myself during quarantine: The first is that I love the office!! I just work so well thriving off of other people and collaborating that staying motivated in that sense has definitely been a challenge but also a growing stage in my career and has made me more on top of things. The second is that I really need to be checking in on myself a little more- I was always on the go and never stop that. I didn't put myself first in a lot of situations which now I have more time to do that. Also along the way I have been cooking more and trying fun recipes, going on long walks, and sadly…online shopping.

Dana's Summer Reflections

What a wild ride the last 5 months have been! I remember when our team started WFH in March, and I thought “oh we’ll do this for two weeks and be back in the office” (ha!!!). After the first few weeks in NYC, my husband and I decided we wanted more space and relocated to Avalon, New Jersey by the beach. Those first few months here were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Since Avalon is not a typical beach destination for the NYC crowd, the town stayed totally quiet and isolated. There was something so cool about being at the beach off-season— being able to walk the beach without seeing anyone for miles, driving through an empty town, and going for long bike rides. We know how lucky we are to be able to have a home to come to, and jobs that allow us to work from home. It’s made me realize we definitely need to come here more in the off-season, quarantine or not, to recharge and reconnect.

Quarantine has also been the most time I’ve spent with my husband in our 13 year history, which may explain why in April we got the best news of quarantine by far, we found out we’re pregnant!! Spending pregnancy in quarantine was a blessing in many ways. I got to spend those first few months in sweats on my couch, without any fake drinking at events or double glances at my puffy stomach. On the flip side, it’s been hard to not be able to celebrate this moment with the people we love. We never imagined telling our friends, families and coworkers this news via FaceTime, not being able to hug them or see them. No matter what, quarantine definitely makes you grateful for everything you have, and I’ve never felt more grateful than this moment. 

Pujah's Summer Reflections

The last few months in quarantine have been a whirlwind of emotions. A year full of promise and adventure, quickly became a period of isolation and self-discovery. I had so many plans for 2020-- places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, experiences I needed to have… but to be honest, as easy as it is to complain about all the things that could’ve been this year, I do think every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. When the pandemic first hit NYC, I remember I had the choice to stay with family in NJ or stick it out in NYC with my husband (he’s a physician at a hospital in the city, so he wasn’t able to leave). Being the newlyweds that we were, I decided it was best for me to stay in the city.

Witnessing the city so different from its natural form was an interesting sight to witness. As much as I missed the bustling and hustling this city has always been known for, there was something extraordinary about the calm and soothing atmosphere I didn’t think NYC was ever capable of having. 

This time of quarantine isolation has also been a time of reconnecting with friends and family–ironic, huh?  Amid the social distancing protocols, I’ve also rekindled friendships and grown closer to my neighbors. This time has also taught me the power of patience. Although my husband and I just got married and should still be in that “honeymoon” phase, being stuck in an apartment with a limited social life has really tested our relationship! We’ve grown to be extra patient and communicative and are always finding ways to keep things exciting. For example, every week we trade off on creating special “date nights"–whether it’s a cooking class, a cocktail making class or just dinner on our rooftop, we’ve definitely learned the importance of being present and away from our screens.