An Inside Look at Something Candid, Our Conversation About Motherhood

Let's get candid, shall we?!

Raising children is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in life–but it's also messy, chaotic, and sometimes downright hilarious. So it's about time we had an honest conversation about it!

Tonight, Arielle is hosting Something Candid: A Conversation About Motherhood, featuring a few of our favorite moms (and mothers-to-be!) from Team SN and beyond. 

Arielle will be joined by Alexa Meyer, Jordy Charnas, Meghan Guffey, and Tara Moni for an open conversation on all things motherhood, from the highs and lows of pregnancy to the children's songs on repeat at home (hello, Baby Shark!).

Both Arielle and Tara are wearing looks from A Pea in the Pod, our go-to for chic maternity-friendly staples, for the occasion. Arielle chose to dress up her bump in this black jumpsuit by Rachel Pally, while Tara is wearing a printed maternity dress from A Pea in the Pod's line.

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In honor of tonight's event, we asked our panel to sound off on a few motherhood milestones below:

Describe Your...Pregnancy Style

"Comfy, fitted, and feminine."–Arielle

"Casual, comfy, and telling-myself-it-looks-chic."–Alexa

"Comfortable, casual, and effortless."–Jordy

"Relaxed, leggings-oriented, and neutrals."–Meghan

"Optimistic, feminine, and comfortable"–Tara

Describe Your...Birth Stories

"Exhausting, liberating, and incredible."–Arielle

"Calm, life-changing, and emotional."–Alexa

"Fast, euphoric, and EPIDURAL."–Jordy

"Quick, joyful, and emotional."–Meghan

Describe Your...First Moments With Your Kids

"Exhausting, pure happiness, and love."–Arielle

"Life-changing, memorable, and intense."–Alexa

"overwhelmed, grateful, and magical."–Jordy

"Incredible, peaceful, and unforgettable."–Meghan

Describe Your...Motherhood Mantra

"Go with the flow."–Arielle

"Just love!"–Alexa

"Calm, patient, and compassionate."–Jordy

"Instinctual, easygoing, and fun."–Meghan

"Loving, communicative, and fun."–Tara

Describe Your...Community of Moms

"Supportive, funny, and grateful"–Arielle

"Strong, supportive, and awesome."–Alexa

"Supportive, relatable, and welcoming."–Jordy

"Reassuring, loving, and comical."–Meghan

"Supportive, genius, and dynamic."–Tara