The Married Women of Team SN Shared Tried-and-True Relationship Advice

Of course, there’s no secret formula for a happy and successful marriage.
But a few pieces of tried-and-true relationship advice certainly can’t hurt. We asked the married ladies on team SN (that’s Arielle, Tara, Dana, Meghan, and Pujah) to share their favorite words of wisdom they’ve learned (and used!) in their respective marriages. From the importance of setting aside time together to the most compelling way to listen to your partner, read on for words of wisdom you can snag for your relationship.

Arielle's Advice

  1. Pick and choose your battles. And communicate! I’m always so upfront with everything and I’ve learned to really take a step back and think about whether or not this is worth a fight. 

  2. For Brandon and I, it’s about setting aside special time together. It’s something so small like just going every morning to pick up coffee, muffins, and bagels–that drive is our special time together, even if it’s just to go see the morning sky out here while we drink our coffee. Or, we pick a show or movie to binge watch together!

Dana's Advice

  1. Set a Sunday morning routine together. Ours consists of sleeping in, watching old episodes of The Office, and having coffee in bed.

  2. Know when to let it go, because you will disagree but not every disagreement is important!

Meghan's Advice

  1. Never go to bed in a fight. Life is too short! “I love you” should always be the last words you say to each other before sleeping or leaving for work.

  2. Let him go golfing on Saturdays. The "boy time" will make him appreciate you all the more. Or go golfing with him–he’ll be proud that you can hang!

Pujah's Advice

  1. Listen with the intent to understand, not to be understood. If my husband and I are in a heated argument, I tend to refute and argue just to get my point across. I have to remind myself that communication is a two-way street. It’s so important to take a step back, listen to your partner, and truly understand what he/she is saying before you respond. This way you’ll be in a better position to find win-win solutions.

  2. Make dedicated time for each other every day! I know this is especially hard while quarantined, but whether it’s as simple as watching an episode of your favorite Netflix show, or taking a virtual cooking class together, or going outside for a walk. Find dedicated time to disconnect from your screens and be present with each other.

Tara's Advice

  1. Learn his love languages! We all have varying priorities when it comes to relationships and a key to a successful marriage is understanding, appreciating and acting on what is important to your partner. Remember, what is most valuable to you may differ from what he needs. Take the love language quiz here :). And of course, make sure he learns yours.

  2. Compliment him! It’s easy to express criticism and ironically, similarly easy to withhold compliments as you may think those feelings are a ‘given.’ Share friendly reminders of how great you think he is.