Updates From Arielle: Inside the Launch of SN's Kid's Shop

You may have noticed something different around here: something mini has arrived.

In addition to our ever-changing selection of RTW, jewelry, and accessories, we recently introduced a Kid's Shop. The Ruby and Esme-approved picks include a colorful sweatshirt from SN, along with sweet clothing and accessories from Dondolo and whimsical printed loungewear from Lovey&Grink.

Now, we're giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the latest SN evolution came to be. We asked Arielle our burning questions about all things SN kids. Read on for every detail and head to the Kid's Shop to find something stylish for your mini-me!

Question: What was it like to launch the first SN children's item?

Arielle: It was really exciting. Kid’s clothing is a huge part of our lives as I’m constantly looking for new and exciting pieces as well as everyday basics. My girls love getting dressed and getting creative with picking out their own outfits. It was always a no-brainer for me to venture into the kid’s fashion world. There is so much more to come on that!

Question: What inspired you to create the Something to Smile In sweatshirt for kids?

Arielle: My girls. I watch them paint and color almost every day. Their prints and artwork inspire me all the time. One day, I let them get all messy and just paint their clothing and their hands and get super creative. Once I saw their masterpiece, I immediately thought to myself, we have GOT to put this onto a sweatshirt!

Question: What has the response been like?

Arielle: It practically sold out! We have a few left. It was the piece that the followers were most excited about. I think my community is so engaged and invested in my girls and watching them grow up that it felt like their nieces created these sweatshirts! They feel connected to our family and I truly believe they were proud to own it or give it to a family member!

Question: How did Ruby and Esme feel about the sweatshirt?

Arielle: Esme doesn’t really understand yet but Ruby was very excited about her sweatshirt. She was the most excited when she would see her friends wearing her artwork!

Question: How do Ruby and Esme inspire your creative vision?

Arielle: They express themselves through fashion. They don’t realize it yet, but I do. I see the way they pick out their outfits, what impacts their choices, and how they feel when they are wearing something. I think it’s so important to find that outlet. Mine has always been fashion and I truly see my girls following in my footsteps. They are such a mix. Ruby is super feminine while Esme is a bit more sporty and carefree. I love combining the two into my everyday style and in SN's designs.

Question: How do you select brands to feature in the Kid’s Shop?

Arielle: The items we choose for the Kid’s Shop come from the brands that I find or buy in our everyday life, like Dondolo and Lovey&Grink. I discover different brands through different retailers or Instagram, or when small businesses reach out to us. If we love the product, we want to share it with our SN community.

Question: What is your dream SN kids project?

Arielle: I’m already living it! Creating a collection for my girls as well as gender-neutral pieces that both boys and girls can wear. Eventually, I’d love to branch out into boys' and girls' clothing and have my girls’ input very much involved.

Question: Would you ever create something for SN baby?

Arielle: Oh my god, I would absolutely LOVE to create some onesies and matching sets. I’m always looking for that when I’m shopping for a newborn. That reminds me, I need to talk with our designer today about doing that! We have so many new moms and moms to be on the team that it is super fitting!