Arielle’s 4 Favorite Style Trends of the Year

2020 was defined by the perfectly styled outfits we didn’t get to wear, but the sartorial landscape of 2021 feels very different.

Although we’re still living in cozy ensembles and loungewear continues to dominate, we’re also making way for new pieces and trends to take over our closets.

Arielle is sharing the four fashion trends you need to try this year. Read on for her expert advice.

Fringe Is In

"Fringe is one of my favorite ways to add excitement and texture to a look. I really love fringe on a jacket or coat to help your outfit stand out!"–Arielle

All you need is one statement-making piece to put your own spin on the fringe trend. Our Delphine Fringe Jacket (as seen on Arielle here) from the February collection dropped a few days early thanks to Klarna! Shop the jacket in tan and pale pink now.

Style a Monochromatic Moment

"Monochrome has always been a style trend in my life. It's definitely having a big moment this year, but it's a trend that I believe should always be carried through because it’s timeless!”–Arielle

Consider every detail, from your shoes to your bag, to make your one-hued look feel cohesive overall. Try a tailored combination, like the Danielle blazer and matching trousers from our February collection, as a base and build the rest of your outfit around it.

Embrace Relaxed Glamour

"We haven't been able to dress up in a really long time, so I'm totally here for casual and glamorous styling. A sequin shirt or a sparkly sweatpant will do the trick!"–Arielle

All dressed up with nowhere to go? So what?! Relaxed glamour is our new style mantra for everyday occasions. Elevate your outfit with luxe fabrics and glam accessories.

Effortlessly Style a Maxi Dress

"I have always loved this vibe, especially for summer. Flowy maxi dresses don't require a ton of effort to style, so it’s one of my favorite trends to embrace."–Arielle

Maxi dresses are a forever favorite because they're incredibly versatile and easy to wear. Update this timeless trend for 2021 by choosing a dress with a colorful pattern, like the rainbow-inspired design Arielle wears here.