Arielle’s New Favorite Summersalt Pajamas Are Under $100

Thank you to our friends at Summersalt for partnering with us on this post.
2020 is the year of pajamas. We’re all spending far more time at home than usual, so cozy pajamas have become our daily uniform. Summersalt’s pajamas are the perfect combination of fashionable and functional: like the company's cult-favorite bathing suits and beachwear, they were designed with maximum comfort in mind.

Summersalt was founded by Lori Coulter and Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin in 2017, who set out to create swimsuits and everyday travel wear for real women.

“We created Summersalt for women like us,” Reshma told SN. “The swimwear industry had not been disrupted in decades, with over-sexualized imagery and multiple middlemen. We work hard to change that narrative. We come in all shapes and sizes and all ethnicities. While we’re not perfect, we consciously try to redefine traditional beauty standards and celebrate what makes each of us unique.”

Summersalt’s fit sets them apart from other brands. “We used 10,000 women’s body scans and 1.5 million measurements to launch our proprietary fit,” Lori told SN. “We set out to create a truly disruptive experience for our consumers, and it is incredible to see how much our brand has resonated with her.” Summersalt is also dedicated to sustainability (think: eco-friendly fabrics, like swimwear created from recycled nylons).

Today, Summersalt is launching new super soft pajama sets–a short set we'll be wearing for the rest of the summer, and a tank and pant set that can seamlessly transition to crisp fall weather. And each set comes in two colors!

While pajamas are not a new category for Summersalt, today's launch marks another milestone in the brand's story. “We love the idea of filling a woman’s suitcase and wardrobe with all of her essentials, so expanding beyond swimwear was a natural evolution for Summersalt,” Lori explained. “Sleepwear made a lot of sense since it allowed us to maintain our brand principles–every item must be functional, comfortable, of high quality, and offered at an accessible price point.”

Arielle couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new Summersalt pieces. “These Summersalt pajama sets are so incredibly soft and cozy,” she said. “They are light and thin, but also have the perfect amount of weight to transition into fall sleepwear. I could spend all day in both of these sets!”

That’s exactly what the founders had in mind when they created them. “We designed these pajamas with an eco-friendly, and buttery soft modal material which is fully biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced wood pulp," Lori said. “Lucky for us, the tops can pass for a regular tank or t-shirt so it’s possible to wear them all day long including on your zoom calls. That’s exactly why we called them the ‘All Day to Night’ pajamas. You’ll never want to take them off.”

“These Summersalt pajama sets are so incredibly soft and cozy. I could spend all day in both of these sets!”–Arielle

summerslat PJs


The All Day & Night Tank Set in Sky, $95


summersalt PJs 2


The All Day & Night Short Set in Peony, $85


Like Something Navy, Summersalt is a female-founded business. The founders of both brands are dedicated to supporting and uplifting other companies created and run by women.

“I love supporting other female-founded businesses because I feel like we have an unspoken sisterhood connection,” Arielle said. “We all are doing whatever it takes to make our dreams come true as we turn our passions into a profitable business. The support of other women means so much, which is one of the many reasons why I love Summersalt.”

The Summersalt co-founders share their experience and journey to help other women build their businesses. “Women make up just 2-3% of all venture-capital backed businesses, so we know we are in a rare position to carve a path for future female founders and continue to learn from incredible women who have come before us,” Lori said. “We focus on sharing insights and our personal experiences openly and mentoring other female entrepreneurs.”

“Lori and I both spend a lot of time talking with other female founders and connecting them with investors and sharing insights,” Reshma said. “Prioritizing access and network expansion is key to continue to see more female founders, especially women of color, raise capital and grow their businesses. We are excited to help where we can.”

“Women make up just 2-3% of all venture-capital backed businesses, so we know we are in a rare position to carve a path for future female founders and continue to learn from incredible women who have come before us."–Summersalt Co-Founder Lori Coulter

In keeping with the company’s female-driven and female-focused mission, Summersalt’s newest pajamas are considered a luxurious staple that every woman should have in their closet.

“We often joke that pajamas are one of those markers of adulthood for women,” Reshma said. “She goes from sleeping in ratty t-shirts and shorts in her early 20s to maybe getting her first nice pair as a gift. Our customer loves to buy quality pieces that will last, but are at an affordable price point. Nice PJs are an attainable luxury and we all need a little treat these days!”

Shop Summersalt's new pajama sets now, and use code SN10 for a $10 gift towards the best sleep ever.