Basic Beauty Test: Anna Tried 3 Different Products to Combat Frizzy Hair

I have been on the hunt for the perfect products to tame my hair!
I really like the waves I naturally have but I'm still looking for the best products to help style my hair. So, for our latest Basic Beauty Test, I am going to try out a few different frizz-fighting products and track the performance of each one! With all of these styling products, I’ll be using the same shampoo and conditioner that I always use which is Olaplex.

I’ve had frizzy hair my entire life and I’ve been getting Keratin hair treatments one to two times per year since I was 14. Right now, I am two months into having Keratin so it is starting to fade out and my hair is definitely on the frizzier side, as you can see in my before photo.

As anyone who is prone to frizzy hair will tell you, the summer is by far the hardest time to style your hair because of the humidity. So right now is the perfect time to try out new anti-frizz products! Read on for details and reviews on all three products.

Authentic Beauty Concept's Hydrate Lotion

For this product, it recommended that I use it with damp hair and then to blow dry it. I washed my hair and towel dried it, then added in the product and then blow dried!

First impressions: It smells amazing! Like really AMAZING! I put it all throughout my hair. It definitely made my hair really smooth and kept the frizz out right away. And, I was loving the initial look of it!

After using Authentic Beauty Concept's Hydrate Lotion, I went to a breezy dinner on the beach and my hair did get a bit frizzier throughout the evening. I loved this product though I would suggest it for styling when you are in a more relaxed area rather than a beach where your hair texture definitely changes! Or bring some kind of product with you that can help tame for the later hours.

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Virtue's Correct The Polish Un-Frizz Cream

To use this product, I washed my hair as usual and added a quarter size to each side of my damp hair and then let it air dry and slept on it a little wet!

My hair was definitely calmer after using this product, and I actually really love that it brought out my natural curls but in a tamed way whereas others straighten a few pieces of hair. The only thing I didn’t love is that I still feel like the top of my head has those little frizzies that stick out (granted I never put as much product on the top of my head because then my hair gets oily).

Overall I really like this product and will definitely use on a daily basis as it really did tame my natural curls.

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Kerastase Discipline Hair Mask and Oil

I have never tried a hair mask before so was super excited to see what it did. I washed my hair as usual and used the mask after my hair was clean and damp. I scrubbed into my scalp and all over and left in for 5 mins and then rinsed. Instantly it felt super smooth and soft (and smelled amazing). Once I towel dried my hair I put in 2-3 pumps of the oil on to the bottom half of my hair. I let my hair air dry and then fell asleep with it a little damp (which I usually hate to do because I feel like it adds to my frizziness!).

I definitely saw a difference with my hair air-dried. It was tame and pieces were straightened a little. I’m not used to applying a product on pre-dry hair, and that really made a huge difference. My one call out would be that I tend to have more oily hair and this product was a little more on the oily side for my hair. But overall it also made my hair smell amazing and gave my hair a really nice soft texture. I would for sure use again.

 I think I definitely still need a product that I could use once my hair is dry (to fix those overnight frizzies) but I am going to be 100% putting this mask into my hair washing routine at least twice a week! I loved it! 

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