Face Masks Aren't Going Anywhere–Shop 20 of The Chicest Ones

Wear a face mask, but make it fashion.

PSA: we'll be wearing face masks for the near future as we continue to follow CDC guidelines to curb the spread of COVID. But just because you're wearing a face mask on a regular basis doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style! We rounded up some of the most colorful, chic, and unique face masks to add to your collection. Whether you plan on matching your mask to every single ensemble or want to personalize a style that you'll wear every day, we've got a face mask for everyone below. 

Something Colorful

Let your face mask serve as a pop of color. You can shop pastel tie-dye masks with beads on the straps, statement-making pieces you want in every shade, and even customizable masks like the ones our store associates wear at the SN store (our custom SN ones are by Ahida Correale!). Below, browse a few of our favorite color-filled options.

Something Printed

Why not choose a bold printed face mask? There's a seemingly endlessly array of patterns and prints to choose from–you can opt for an animal-inspired cheetah print, a summer-appropriate floral, or a chic gingham to tap into your preppy side. No matter your print preference, there's a mask for you–shop our favorites below.

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here.