Bold and Bright Nail Trends to Try This Season

PSA: if you want to feel more stylish instantly, try getting creative with your nail art.

Your nails are one of the most versatile spots to experiment with beauty trends. From Pinterest-worthy pastel shades to intricate art-inspired designs, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a steady hand (or a manicure appointment) and these styles are within reach. Take a peek at our favorite nail trends of the moment here.

Mix Shapes and Shades

Don't be afraid to mix lines, dots, and other shapes in your nail design. This look, created by the pros at Chillhouse, combines four colors and a range of accents for a minimalist and unique look. If you're looking for an equally fun style you can seamlessly achieve at home, try Chillhouse's genius press-on nail kits

Opt for Ombré

Paint various neural shades (like nude, brown, and black) on your fingers for a tonal ombré style. Olive & June's Mani System is the best way to get this look at home–it has all the tools you need for a DIY manicure plus a range of polish shades so you can achieve a gradient look. Pro tip: this combo pairs well with our Pheobe Fringe Dress

Incorporate Nature-Inspired Elements

Celestial or nature-inspired nail art is one of our all-time favorites. For a whimsical look, incorporate clouds and stars into your design. Yes, you'll likely need an expert touch to make this happen (this look was created by nail and tattoo artist Asami I) but the result is so special and unique it will no doubt be worthwhile. 

Colorful Accents Are a Must

If you want to mix up the design on each finger, use bright and bold shades to add accents to your nails. Stick with just a few colors so you end up with a cohesive look overall–try this bright yellow from OPI with a glossy pink and pale green from Essie. 

Image Courtesy Essie

Create a Shimmering Opalescent Style

Take a page from the experts at Essie with this opalescent nail art. You can create this shimmering, multi-tone look by layering three Essie shades: use Beachy Keen to paint half your nail and You Do Blue on the other half, followed by Twinkle in Time layered over the entire nail. 

Design Uniquely Mismatch Nails

For a truly one-of-a-kind look, create a different artistic look on each nail. Play with various styles and applications, like drawing lines across the nail or shading just the tips, to make each one stand out. It's an eye-catching and bold look you might make your new go-to.

Image by Buudkaanaa via Unsplash

Go All Out With Your Color Palette

Because why not add in all your favorite colors at once? Add various pops of color on each nail using a mix of lines and dots throughout to give a layered look. The result is a beautiful power clash between each element for an abstract art-inspired design.

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