Closet Staples: Arielle Styles 1 Pair of Leather Pants 3 Ways

Closet Staples is a new series where we poll YOU, our readers, on what you need help styling from your closet, from Instagram, for your your life, you name it! First up…
We’re rounding that corner of winter dressing where every morning’s “What should I wear?” question is answered with an inner monologue of, “Leather pants and…?” Followed by a deep dive that no one has time for, searching through Arielle’s old outfit photos for something fresh-feeling to wear with our most beloved cold-weather bottoms. But you’re in luck, because she’s done the work for you! Per your popular request, Arielle has styled the ultimate winter wardrobe hero in ways that feel not only 2020, but timeless. Because leather pants are the easiest way to add some unexpected edge to your everyday white button-down or T-shirt. Which one will you be wearing tomorrow?

Outfit 1: Something Chic "This is a great look to wear for Fashion Week since there’s so much you can do with it. You can dress it up by adding jewels or a red lip! I went with a basic black shoe but you can really do anything with this; like a bright pop of color added with an accessory."


Outfit 2: Something Bold "Leather pants are my go to for a night out or on a date. I throw on a favorite cami and a blazer and you have the perfect look for any kind of night out. I picked a neon pump to add a pop of color to the outfit."


Outfit 3: Something Cozy

"I wanted to style leather pants with a sweater for a casual daytime look, and to add a little more to the outfit. I think leather pants can take you from day to night and I like pairing a glitzy shoe with a casual sweater to make the outfit feel a little bit more elevated. If you want to take the vest off it still looks cute with just the sweater… This is technically a two in one outfit!"


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