An Ode to All Our Favorite Basics

Is it just us or has “basic” somehow earned a bad reputation?!

We're here to change that narrative by celebrating the basic things we all know and love. It doesn't matter if we're toasting to a so-called basic guilty pleasure like The Bachelor or an over-Instagrammed food phenomenon (hello, avocado toast). We're here to honestly admit that we love all things basic.

When it comes to style, basic takes on a whole new meaning. Our wardrobe basics are anything but ordinary or mundane. They’re the trusty closet heroes that lay the foundation for all our exciting outfits to come. Now isn’t that something worth celebrating?

We curated a not-so-basic selection of products from our latest collection and the Brands We Love marketplace. From the cashmere sweat set that will become your everyday uniform to the colorful masks from Jill & Ally you’ll wear for all your outings, shop these SN-approved basics now: